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Cadogan Enright collects signatures at local Rugby club for Hospital accident and emergency department's return.

Cadogan Enright collects signatures at local Rugby club for Hospital accident and emergency department’s return.

In addition to the 2600 signatures he collected in Saul, Raholp, Strangford, Kilcleif, Ballyhornan, Chapeltown and Killough, Cadogan Enright collects more signatures at Ballynahinch Rugby Club to prevent the closure of the A&E department in the Downe Hospital. Many sporting clubs agreed that the Accident and Emergency service was essential. Cllr Enright collected signatures at Dunleath park, Ballynahinch Rugby club and sent petitions to over 50 GAA clubs in the surrounding area.

Annual report to voters and constituents in every house in every village in Lecale

Dear Constituent,
I would like to wish you and your families a Happy New Year.

I am delivering my 8th annual report to every house in every village in Lecale this week to explain to you on how I have been representing your views on Down District Council and other agencies. I am the only local councillor to deliver an annual report to every house in Downpatrick.

Here is the electronic version Cadogan Enright Lecale Report January 2014

This newsletter can only be a summary my work for you over the last year. My website provides much more detail – see  or search for ‘Cadogan Enright’ on Facebook where I post or log my activities as a councillor on a weekly basis.

Cllr Cadogan Enright

nov 20 2013 Ardglass Sewage Scheme downgrade triggers Cllr Cadogan Enright to bid to have ‘Gold Coast’ standards for Lecale Beaches

Following the downgrading of Ardglass sewage works, and its failure to include Killough, Coney Island, Chapeltown and Ballyhornan – Cllr Cadogan Enright took months of ‘freedom of information’ requests to find out what was going on.  After a 6 month chain of freedom of information requests to various agencies, Cllr Enright finally got to the bottom of why North Down ‘Gold Coast’ Beaches have the highest levels of protection from NI Water dumping sewage on them whereas our local Lecale Beaches have the lowest standards and NI Water can do what it pleases. From Kilclief beach, to Killard, to Ballyhornan Beach and all the beaches to MInerstown – our coast has no protection.
In summary NI Water believe “There are a number of bathing waters identified under the Bathing Water Directive along the Gold Coast. These include Helen’s Bay, Crawfordsburn, Ballyholme, Groomsport and Millisle. There are currently no designated bathing waters along the Lecale Coast”.
It was eventually revealed that ‘Gold Coast’ beaches were all given EU Bathing Water Directive protection – but all Lecale beaches up to Tyrella were not.

Cllr Enright therefore proposes that Down Council Should apply for protection for its beaches under the EU Bathing water directive and force NI Water to stop dumping sewage on our local beaches

nov 20 m2013 designated bathing water a by CadoganEnright

nov 20 2013 designated bathing water b by CadoganEnright


july 3 2013 jobs campaign taken to Stormont

july 3 a 2013 jobs stormont by CadoganEnright
As Chairperson of the campaign to bring Public Sector Jobs to Down District, Cadogan organises launch of Down’s ‘sales brochure’ with help of MLA’s John McCallister, Chris Hazzard and Finance Minister Simon Hamilton.
5,500 people commute daily to Belfast for work – overwhelmingly in the public sector – Downs Public Sector Campus would provide a far more sustainable location for these jobs – drastically reducing congestion in Belfast and locally and giving a boost to local businesses who would no longer see the spending power of the District commuting to Belfast..

10th April 2013 Anger over Ardglass Sewarage Scheme hits front page

10th April 2013 Anger over Ardglass Sewarage Scheme hits front page by CadoganEnrightCllr Cadogan Enright represents villagers from Coney Island, Killough, Chapeltown and Ballyhornan in protesting about exclusion from new sewerage scheme

17th April 2013 NI Water fails Lecale Coast Tourism

17th April 2013 NI Water fails Lecale Coast Tourism by CadoganEnright
Contrary to all expectations, the new Ardglass sewerage scheme at Ardtole fails to deliver for the Lecale Coast in the same manner that NI Water delivered for the Gold Coast in North Down.

There was nothing in the plan for piping sewage from Ballyhornan, Chapeltown, Coney Island or from Killough – leaving Lecale in a development backwater and unable to deliver a proper Tourist Product

Storms Trigger Treasure Hunt in Chapeltown 14th April

Severe storms battered coastal areas in Down last week, and high winds caused damage in some areas. In Chapeltown high winds carried off a large Roads Service mirror used by local residents to ensure the main Strangford road is clear before driving out of Church Road.

Without this mirror it is dangerous to access the main Ardglass to Ballyhornan road from Church Road

Councillor Cadogan Enright was contacted by concerned parents of children attending nearby St Marys in Dunsford and contacted the Roads Service about the problem.

Cllr Enright and son Cadogan in Chapeltown last week with rescued mirror

Cllr Enright and son Cadogan in Chapeltown last week with rescued mirror

Cllr Enright said, “Roads Service said it could take some weeks to replace the mirror, unless the original one could be found and put back up. This sparked a hunt by myself and local residents in fields and Gardens around Chapeltown Area.”

Resident Pascal Kearny finally found the mirror in a local farmyard, and Cllr Enright retuned it to the Roads Service Depot in Seaford for re-installation later this week.

Coney Island typifies lost opportunities at new Ardglass sewerage plant

Councillor Cadogan Enright has encouraged residents from Killough, Coney Island, Chapel Town and Ballyhornan areas to go to the consultation on the new Ardglass sewerage works in Ardglass Golf Club this Friday morning 12th April at 11am.

Tom Conaty, Cllr Cadogan Enright and Declan Clarke in Coney Island

Tom Conaty, Cllr Cadogan Enright and Declan Clarke in Coney Island

Cllr Enright pointed out that “Whilst welcoming the new proposed new facility in Ardglass, the comprehensive scheme recently introduced in North Down and Ards area makes the new Ardglass scheme look feeble. Sewerage no longer flows to the sea from towns in in North Down. Our area is far more dependent on the Tourism industry than North Down, but we are left with a slew of Lecale towns and villages with no proper treatment works. This scheme can only be described as the short end of the stick.”

Following representations from residents in Ballyhornan and Coney Island, I contacted NIWater last month, and project manager Ciaran Grant finally came back to me last Tuesday to confirm that the new plant at Ardtole is being built to handle Ardglass only, with its related fishing industry. There will NOT be additional capacity to handle areas around Coney Island, Killough and the Ballyhornan, Bishops Court and Chapeltown. However It is being constructed in such a way as to allow the 5 other villages be added later – but there are no plans to do this anytime soon”.

Coney Island resident Declan Clarke pointed out that “for years past now, when it rains of the Killough / Ardglass road, our sewerage system overflows onto Coney Island Road. The Coney Island system should be added to the Ardglass scheme. We have every right to expect the same treatment as North Down.”

Ballyhornan resident Barry Mervyn said, “NI Water is constructing a new wastewater ‘preliminary’  screening plant at the bottom of Killard Drive in Ballyhornan. The solid waste will then be trucked to landfill.  While this is a small improvement, it is only a ‘preliminary screening’ facility – falling below even Primary treatment. This is only masking the problem, papering over the cracks. Raw sewerage is still effectively flowing into our waters. The proposal to pump waste to the Ardglass plant appears to have slipped off NIWater’s radar. We expect the same level of environmental protection as North Down.”

Cllr Cadogan Enright said “Local people have been expecting the waste from their villages to be piped to the new sewerage facility for some years, but this will not yet be the case. We need to make our dissatisfaction clear and demand to know when the other areas are to be covered. I will be representing residents in Coney Island as well as the Ballyhornan Task Force at the meeting, and would encourage others from Killough to Killard to come along and represent their areas, or contact me or other elected representatives with their concerns in this matter” concluded Cllr Cadogan Enright


Cllr Cadogan Enright at the Marine Reserve in Sheeplands on the Lecale Coast

Cllr Cadogan Enright at the Marine Reserve in Sheeplands on the Lecale Coast

Councillor Cadogan Enright who represents that Lecale Coast and Downpatrick Electoral area has welcomed todays announcement that Northern Ireland Water is finally proposing to undertake a £2.5 million programme of work to upgrade Ardglass Wastewater as part of its capital projects programme.

Councillor Enright said, “the delays in this project have damaged tourism in Ardglass and left waters off Ballyhornan in a deplorable state. The non-availability of sewage systems have prevented normal development of towns and villages along the Lecale Coast.”

“The two main causes of concern are the sewage works at Ardtole on the outskirts of Ardglass on the Western end of the Sheepland Road, and the discharge at Gunns Island off Ballyhornan  at the other end of the Sheepland Area Special Scientific Interest. Both these discharge effluent, that is illegal under EU law, into our local Marine Reserve.” Pointed out Cllr Cadogan Enright.

The Ardtole Treatment Works is located off the Sheepland Road on the outskirts of Ardglass village. Following the recent successful procurement of lands and completion of  assessment, the contract for the project has now been awarded and work is due to start on site in mid-April. Ahead of project commencement, an informal presentation will be made on the project by NI Water is carrying out on Friday 22nd at 11am in Ardglass Golf Club.

“I intend to be at the presentation both to support the project as vital to the future of Ardglass. But I will also attend as a member of the Ballyhornan Task Force to ensure that the piping of waste from Ballyhornan and Chapeltown is included in this project as we have been previously promised. This is an opportunity to clean up our water from Coney Island all the way up to Killard Point” concluded Cllr Cadogan Enright


Down Cllr Cadogan Enright has praised a Ballyhornan farming family for their pubic spirit and support for their local community.

L to R Patrica and Noel Curran, Cllr Cadogan Enright and John and Michael Trainor

L to R Patrica and Noel Curran, Cllr Cadogan Enright and John and Michael Trainor

Cllr Enright said “The Trainor family have generously offered to adjust the boundary of their property to facilitate the new Ballyhornan 3G pitch. They were also very supportive of the project though the planning stages and this did help us secure planning permission”.

Michael Trainor said “I can confirm on behalf of my family that we have seen the plans for the new 3G pitch and are delighted to be able to offer our support to this project. We believe that the land in question is already the property of the Ballyhornan Family Centre, and that the right of way between our two properties has been correctly delineated. If any adjustments to boundaries are needed along the new boundary, we would be pleased to make the necessary adjustment at no cost to the Ballyhornan Family Centre”.

Patricia Curran, Chairperson of the Ballyhornan Family Centre said, “we are most appreciative for the on-going support of the Trainor family, and this is the sort of ‘self-help’ that will make the regeneration of Ballyhornan as a whole a lot easier. The revenue from the 3G pitch will make a very valuable addition to our income and make the centre sustainable for the long term.”

Cllr Enright said that “I have been briefed on the latest situation on the 3G pitch and my understanding is the Ballyhornan 3G pitch project is in the process of being taken over by the Council’s  Recreation and Community Services. Council legal services are writing to the Ballyhornan Community Association’s solicitor to start the legal side of things which will allow Council to proceed with the project.”

“It is also my understanding the Ballyhornan 3G pitch is now also in the final stages of the Social Investment Fund decision process concerning the projects they will provide funding to. If the SIF funding is made to the Ballyhornan 3G it would speed up the process as all the funding would be in place, reducing Down Councils contribution to only requiring £25,000.”

“Its been a long road for the Ballyhornan Task Force getting the project this far, and it appears that we are finally approaching the finishing line” Concluded Cllr Cadogan Enright