donateIf you want to support my work as a Councillor and my campaigning on the Green Economy and and Human Rights you can donate to me here. My activist approach to local politics costs money. Like £2000 for my annual door-to-door newsletters, the cost of other leaflets, the last Judicial Review I won cost me over £1000 and even maintaining this website or simple things like stamps and envelopes to send out letters to constituents.

As I do not accept corporate donations I rely heavily on the financial support of individuals like you.

All donations will be reported to the Alliance Party who will ensure all donations are reported under the law.

Important: Please note. In order to make a political donation in Northern Ireland a private individual must be either a citizen of Ireland, or have a permanent residence in Ireland, or be a registered voter anywhere in Great Britain or Northern Ireland.


You can donate to my PayPal account by using the form below, or to my Newsletter account in Danske, 
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