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july 3 2013 jobs campaign taken to Stormont

july 3 a 2013 jobs stormont by CadoganEnright
As Chairperson of the campaign to bring Public Sector Jobs to Down District, Cadogan organises launch of Down’s ‘sales brochure’ with help of MLA’s John McCallister, Chris Hazzard and Finance Minister Simon Hamilton.
5,500 people commute daily to Belfast for work – overwhelmingly in the public sector – Downs Public Sector Campus would provide a far more sustainable location for these jobs – drastically reducing congestion in Belfast and locally and giving a boost to local businesses who would no longer see the spending power of the District commuting to Belfast..

Dog Fouling bye-laws get tough 14th Nov 2012

Dog Fouling bye-laws get tough 14th Nov 2012

Minister supports Farmers on Wind Turbines Oct 2012

Minister for Environment backs Lecale Farmers wind turbine campaign

Picture shows DDFFRE (Down District Farmers For Renewable Energy) at their inaugral meeting in Denvirs Hotel organised by Cllr Cadogan Enright

Mourne Observer getting it wrong on proposed windfarm 24th Oct 2012

Mourne Observer being too influenced by ‘big money’????  Editor is probably correct though, The Mourne Observer tends to get it right over the medium to long term and always allows the right of reply

Farmers criticise planners over delays 31st Oct 2012

Farmers highlight 83% positive planning decisions for wind turbines across NI, but on 17% approved in Down District in 2010 (and it is now 2013)

Success in Drumaness 2-year Campaign to Stop Sewage flowing into local river – June 2011

Shortly after my re-election in May 2011 I finally succeeded in a 2 year campaign to stop sewage flowing into Drumaness River from the new sewage plant which had clearly been malfunctioning for the first several years of its existance. Pat Ward was a great help in this campaign, keeping me updated over every new incident, so I could keep the pressure on N.I.Water.

Sewage Leaks into river at Drumaness finally fixed after 2 years

Cllr Cadogan Enright standing were Sewage Leaks into river at Drumaness finally fixed after 2 years





Picture shows me standing on the area where the repairs were finally carried out in June 2011

Challenging Projected Coverage for RTE and TG4 in April 2012 – 6 months before digital switch-over

Following Digital UK writing to Down District Council last year us last year on the schedule for switch-over, I wrote back to them to them seeking reassurance that widespread concern around Down District that RTE1, RTE2 and TG4 would be available from day one as had previously been announced and as agreed under the Good Friday and Saint Andrews Agreement.

It was clear from the on-line maps they were supplying at the time that large areas of Down District including Downpatrick, Newcastle and Ballynahinch would be left out, I had been seeking improvements to this scenario. Map of Best Case Scenario April 2012 for RTE / TG4 coverage

Very large numbers of people in this district rely on these stations for sports coverage, Irish Language broadcasting and news across the Island of Ireland.

Denis Wolinski, Digital UK’s National Manager in Northern Ireland, wrote to me last October  saying “Beidh RTE agus TG4 ar fáil ar an gcóras nua.  Beidh a thuilleadh eolais faoi seo á fhógairt amach anseo.” (RTE and TG4 will be available on the new system, more information will be announced on this.)

However  significant gaps in coverage emerged (see link above to  map) during the digital switch-over which I  continued to query in a lengthy correspondence with Digital UK

Worryingly, digitaluk’s team here in N.I. have confirmed that only one of the two transmitters in the Belfast area will be carrying the Irish as well as the UK stations. Blackmountain will have both, but the Divis transmitter will only have UK services – most TV’s in Down District receive their signal from the Divis Transmitter.

I have challenged this arrangement both directly myself, and have had Down Council express concerns on behalf of all citizens in the District.

Digital have written to me saying “Our advice to consumers is based on information made available to us from the broadcasters. This indicates that the new Freeview service supplemented by Saorview signals from the Republic will make TG4, RTÉ One and RTÉ Two available to approximately 93 per cent of households in Northern Ireland. Our campaign reminds viewers that Freeview HD equipment will be needed to receive these channels via Freeview.”


I am campaigning to make sure we do not end up as part of the 7% who do not get the service.

Click here to see some of the correspondence to both Digital UK and to Saorview in the Republic


yes to anti social patrols

yes to anti social patrols

Bicycles can now be recycled

Bicycles can now be recycled

Councillor highlights RTE signal danger

Councillor highlights RTE signal danger