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Cadogan Enright collects signatures at local Rugby club for Hospital accident and emergency department's return.

Cadogan Enright collects signatures at local Rugby club for Hospital accident and emergency department’s return.

In addition to the 2600 signatures he collected in Saul, Raholp, Strangford, Kilcleif, Ballyhornan, Chapeltown and Killough, Cadogan Enright collects more signatures at Ballynahinch Rugby Club to prevent the closure of the A&E department in the Downe Hospital. Many sporting clubs agreed that the Accident and Emergency service was essential. Cllr Enright collected signatures at Dunleath park, Ballynahinch Rugby club and sent petitions to over 50 GAA clubs in the surrounding area.

Election Launch by Community Leaders and Farmers for Councillor Cadogan Enright

Community Leaders and Farmers Support Councillor Cadogan Enright’s re-election bid in Downpatrick

 Community leaders from villages across Lecale turned up to support Independent Downpatrick Councillor Cadogan Enright’s re-election bid on Tuesday, signing and handing in his nomination  nomination papers at Down Council’s Ardglass Road HQ.

Strangford Community Association Chair Diarmuid Riordan said “Councillor Cadogan Enright has earned a place in the new Council through his tireless work and genuine effort to help and work with our communities. We need at least one of our councillors to be independent, winning his seat by hard work, not just by belonging to one of the larger parties.”

Kilclief Residents Association Chair Maurice Denvir said “I nominated Cllr. Cadogan Enright for

the new Council election, on account of his excellent work in Kilclief and other areas locally. Councillor Enright has worked year in and year out for this area, and is the only Councillor we see around here on a regular basis working on the ground”.

Ardglass Development Association Chair Mary McCargo agreed and said “Cllr. Cadogan Enright represents a radical alternative to the ‘business as usual’ approach of other politicians in our area and is never afraid to tackle the difficult campaigns that Councillors in larger parties shy away from”.

Local farmers leader Alan Montgomery said “Councillor Cadogan Enright has made a significant contribution to the economic well-being of farmers in the Lecale area though his work on renewable energy projects and economic development. The farming  community needs this work to continue.”

Retired Councillor and local Green Party Leader Bill Corry praised Councillor Enright’s work with wildlife and environmental projects since the last local elections and called on local environmentalists to support the re-election campaign saying “for many years past, Downpatrick town and the Lecale coastal villages have elected a cross-community, Independent or green candidate. Councillor Cadogan Enright has been a catalyst for change in Down Council, putting the needs of Downpatrick and District ahead of party politics. I call on voters to ensure we keep an alternative voice to the domination of big parties alive in Downpatrick and along the Lecale Coast”.

Attached is a photograph of, from the left,

Strangford Community Association Chair Diarmuid Riordan,

Kilclief Residents Association Chair Maurice Denvir

Ballyhornan Realm vice-chair Barry Mervyn

Ardglass Development Association Chair Mary McCargo

Councillor Cadogan Enright, wife Brenda and son CadÓg

Ardglass Festival Committee Gerry Casey

Raholp community activist Tom Reynolds and wife Mary

Padráig MacThiranán, Knocnashinna, Downpatrick

Bill Corry, Downpatrick, ex Green Party Councillor and election agent

Chair of local Farmers collective DDFFRE Alan Montgomery, Rossglass

Secretary of local Farmers collective DDFFRE, David Chambers Tullynaskeagh


Here is the front page of my Saul and Raholp election campaign

Raholp front page

and here is a link to issues I am highlighting in Saul and Raholp RAHOLP and Saul Canvass Leaflet – what I have been doing in Saul and Raholp

Strangford Journalist speaks out on A and E

Marie Louise McCrory speaks for Strangford and for us all.

I collected A and E petitions in Strangford village all last week, getting the last of them from Fr McGrady at Stella Maris Church today.

Here are the views of one person who was in  Stella Maris Church

DOWNPATRICKS FUTURE DEPENDS ON SAUL ROAD DEVELOPMENT – sent to papers today – copy my points for your objection


Sir,             (NOTE use reference R/2013/0544f to object when writing to Planning Office in Rathkelter House, Market St. DPK)

The huge new housing development proposed for the Saul Road in Downpatrick, is going to be the litmus test of the sincerity and professionalism of the Roads Service and Planning Service in Down District.

For years the Roads Service has been saying that any ring-road around Downpatrick must be ‘developer-led’. I.E. Paid for by developers of the land in question. This development parallels the route of the ‘Eastern Distributor Road’ shown in the development plan, and therefore must be built off that road, and not the Saul Road.

Planners put this ring road in the ‘Area Plan’ for Downpatrick. It links the Hospital to the Belfast Road by crossing the Ballyhornan, Saul and Strangford roads in a wide arc. It would dramatically reduce congestion in Downpatrick, and allow the Southern side of the town to be developed in line with the expansion envisaged in the Area Plan. The new upgraded Sewerage plant was constructed to accommodate up to 20,000 people with this in mind.

We were told that without this link road, development would be restricted on that side of the town.

But instead of following the Area Plan, this development proposes to discharge onto the already congested Saul Road, orientated to overlook and dominate Ardenlee. This development should be orientated away from Ardenlee and built along the new link road. When the new hospital was built, they were forced to deliver the bit of the ring-road off the Ardglass Road roundabout . This development must be one of the next links in the chain. Developers need to understand that this vision for Downpatrick serves their interests too.

The Roads Service and the Planning Service now have a chance to deliver what they have been talking about for years. If they fail, politicians must intervene. They should note that after the May elections Councillors will have the power to set planning policy, and will be able to insist that the Area Plan is delivered for the benefit of the whole town.

If planners fail Downpatrick on this one, we will be left with congestion, an inability to deliver potential growth and jobs locally and with the Hospital ‘marooned’ on the wrong side of town giving the bureaucrats up at the Ulster Hospital a further excuse to cut our local services.

Yours etc

Cllr Cadogan Enright

Annual report to voters and constituents in every house in every village in Lecale

Dear Constituent,
I would like to wish you and your families a Happy New Year.

I am delivering my 8th annual report to every house in every village in Lecale this week to explain to you on how I have been representing your views on Down District Council and other agencies. I am the only local councillor to deliver an annual report to every house in Downpatrick.

Here is the electronic version Cadogan Enright Lecale Report January 2014

This newsletter can only be a summary my work for you over the last year. My website provides much more detail – see  or search for ‘Cadogan Enright’ on Facebook where I post or log my activities as a councillor on a weekly basis.

Cllr Cadogan Enright

Massive Green Energy scheme could make Down District an International leader

This is one of my more successful campaigns in recent tears, This renewable energy project led by our local community offers local economic growth and finds solutions for Global Warming  – see details below;

Community Renewable Energy Breakthrough


4th Dec Massive Green Energy Project Could Make Lecale an Energy Leader

dec 4 2013 Cllr Cadogan Enright chairs massive investment initaitive in Ardglass Ballyhornan AreasArdglass and Ballyhornan look set to gain big-time here.
This will have benefits to the whole Downpatrick and Lecale area
This is one of my most successful campaigns to date – it looks like its going to Translate into jobs, lower cost energy and more sustainable family farms in Lecale


oct 30 2013 Raholp Meets Road Service Manager

oct 30 2013 Raholp road concerns by CadoganEnright
Cllr Cadogan Enright organises visit from Road Service management to Raholp and Saul.

Survey by Bannighan Road residents presented to ‘Forward Planning Manager’ on connection down to main St Patrick Road in Raholp

sept 11 2013 Cadogan wins new Raholp bus stop

sept 11 2013 Raholp bus stop by CadoganEnright
Raholp and Bannaghan Road residents were delighted when a year-long campaign by Cllr Cadogan Enright to get a safer location for the bus stop in Raholp finally paid off.

The existing bus stop at St Tassachs Terrace will also be retained in recognition of the dangerous roads with no pavement connecting the two