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Councillor Cadogan Enright at LIDL Downpatrick

Councillor Cadogan Enright at LIDL Downpatrick


LIDL’s top management in Northern Ireland have confirmed to Councilor Cadogan Enright they will no longer levy fines for customers parking at their premises after shopping hours. This announcement followed a ‘Facebook’ campaign by Councilor Enright which has resulted in a lot of unfavorable publicity for LIDL around Down District and Northern Ireland.

Cllr Enright said, “LIDL management ‘phoned me on Monday to announce this change in policy and also pledged to pay the fines of anyone who was penalized outside of shopping hours at their Downpatrick store. They asked me to forward any fines received by my constituents in these circumstances and that LIDL themselves would pay these fines on their behalf.”

Explained Cllr Enright “Large numbers of people have been receiving £100 parking fines for parking at LIDL at night time. These individuals rightly presumed that signs at the Market Street store reserving parking spots for customers did not apply when the store was closed. One of my cases involves young lady working for a minimum wage in the pub next door to LIDL who has been fined £400 for parking at night time outside of shopping hours by this new and extraordinary scheme.”

“I would call on anyone who has been fined in these circumstances to send me their fines, or their car registration numbers so as I can provide their details to LIDL head office in Kildare who will be looking after these fines.”



The system of fines was introduced after problems arose with commuters to Belfast started to monopolise LIDL car parking spaces during the day, leaving no room for actual LIDL customers. The problem with the new system was that (unlike on-street parking in Downpatrick) the fines system applied 24 hours a day – and there was no way a customer could have known that from the signs on the front gate.

LIDL has also promised the Councilor Enright that they would urgently review their contract with the private car park operator to ensure that no further fines would be issued in this manner.

Cadogan Enright welcomed this volte-face and said, “LIDL is a valuable presence in the town, and it is to their credit that they chose a town centre location which helps other businesses around the town rather than going for an out of tome centre like other multiples.”

“Parking in the town centre at night time can be limited, and this safe, monitored car-park adds to the attraction of Downpatrick as a centre for the ‘evening economy’ where people going out for a meal or an outing with friends have somewhere safe to park their cars.” Concluded Cllr Enright

Help force NI Water to respect our beaches

You can help me raise water purity standards on our local beaches this year by simply taking photos when you are at the beach during 2014.

To get the highest standards of water purity in our local beaches, we have to be recognised as ‘Bathing Waters’ under the EU directive – and need to back it up with photos showing the beaches are used for walking, bathing and family outings.

Only photographs from this year’s bathing water season onwards can be considered. There have to be a minimum of 45 bathers on one occasion or 100 beach users on two occasions.

Beach LecaleRead the full explanation of what’s going on with our local beaches here;

If you or your family can organise pictures like this (bring 45 friends – I am!) then email, Facebook or post them to me as part of this campaign.

nov 20 2013 Ardglass Sewage Scheme downgrade triggers Cllr Cadogan Enright to bid to have ‘Gold Coast’ standards for Lecale Beaches

Following the downgrading of Ardglass sewage works, and its failure to include Killough, Coney Island, Chapeltown and Ballyhornan – Cllr Cadogan Enright took months of ‘freedom of information’ requests to find out what was going on.  After a 6 month chain of freedom of information requests to various agencies, Cllr Enright finally got to the bottom of why North Down ‘Gold Coast’ Beaches have the highest levels of protection from NI Water dumping sewage on them whereas our local Lecale Beaches have the lowest standards and NI Water can do what it pleases. From Kilclief beach, to Killard, to Ballyhornan Beach and all the beaches to MInerstown – our coast has no protection.
In summary NI Water believe “There are a number of bathing waters identified under the Bathing Water Directive along the Gold Coast. These include Helen’s Bay, Crawfordsburn, Ballyholme, Groomsport and Millisle. There are currently no designated bathing waters along the Lecale Coast”.
It was eventually revealed that ‘Gold Coast’ beaches were all given EU Bathing Water Directive protection – but all Lecale beaches up to Tyrella were not.

Cllr Enright therefore proposes that Down Council Should apply for protection for its beaches under the EU Bathing water directive and force NI Water to stop dumping sewage on our local beaches

nov 20 m2013 designated bathing water a by CadoganEnright

nov 20 2013 designated bathing water b by CadoganEnright


Letter to Minister Durkan Oct 2013

Dear Private Office,

I note since the matter of your Departments legal team delaying the issue of bye-laws by up to 5 years was first brought to the Ministers attention, there has been another change of MInister.
This is the third change of Minister since this issues was first raised.
In meetings with Minister Poots and Attwood, both expressed frustration at the slow pace of progress, and came to accept that the slow pace in issueing bye-laws was rooted in outdated practices within the departments legal team, and not with local councils as Ministers had first been incorrectly briefed..
I am writing to
1. Inform you that 3 more months have now passed and the matter is not settled.
2. I welcome your decision to change procedures over the management process for new bye-laws. Myself and Council officers would like the opportunity to be consulted and review the new procedures you refer to in your letter of the 29th June 2013, as we would represent the ‘customers’ of any new procedures. This would be important before new procedures are issued on 31st Dec 2013 as you mentioned in the final para of your letter
3. We note that council mergers are coming up, and thus the department is likely to be hit with a tidal wave of bye-laws, and the 5+ year delays in our bye-laws, if replicated across the North, will result in chaos
Finally, I would ask to be allowed to bring these matters to the new Minister Durkans attention.
Cllr Cadogan Enright

17th July Recorder editorial supports Cllr Enright’s litter campaign

Down Recorder Editorial Supports Cllr Cadogan Enright’s campaign to keep Lecale Tidy

17th July Cllr Enright hightlights litter at Kilclief and other beaches

17th July  Cllr Enright hightlights litter at Kilclief and other beaches Cllr Cadogan Enright at Kilclief Beach – highlights the need for picnickers to take their large bags home

13th March 2013 Litter Louts at Down Railway

Despite evidence from statements and photos, council fails to prosecute.

Same culprits later spotted doing it again by Cllr Cadogan Enright and are prosecuted in April.

27th March 2013 Councillors Demanding Litter Lout prosecuted

Despite photos, witness statements and maps – council officers refuse to prosecute

GIVING EVIDENCE AGAINST TOURIST BOARD – Cén fáth a bhfuil cosc ar an Ghaeilge ar chomharthaí turasóireachta anseo?

Cllr Cadogan Enright gave evidence to the EU ‘committee of experts’ in April 2013 on the threats by the Northern Irish Tourist Board to withdraw funding from Down District Council and other councils around Northern Ireland if they use bi-lingual English and Irish signage.

This is plainly illegal. Cllr Enright has secured the support of Council to challenge this ruling with regard to the Downpatrick area.  CLICK HERE TO SEE CLLR ENRIGHT AND COLLEGUE MACCONMIDHE IN A VIDEO DISCUSSING THE ISSUE

Giving evidence against the Tourist Board to the EU 'Committee of Experts'

Giving evidence against the Tourist Board to the EU 'Committee of Experts'

Léiríonn fiosrúcháin de chuid Meon Eile agus The Detail go bhfuil cás dlí á ghlacadh in aghaidh Bhord Turasóireachta Thuaisceart Éireann (NITB) mar gheall gur dhiúltaigh siad maoiniú a thabhairt do chomharthaí dátheangacha i nDún Pádraig, Contae an Dúin.

Tá an Bord Turasóireachta ag tabhairt níos mó ná £200,000 d’infheistíocht iomlán ar luach £1 milliún le haghaidh comharthaíochta i gceantar Dhún Pádraig, ach tá an maoiniú ceadaithe ar an gcoinníoll go mbeidh na comharthaí i mBéarla amháin.

Tá an maoiniú le dul chuig sé thionscadal comharthaíochta nua sa cheantar, bealach siúlóide ina measc.

Tá polasaí dátheangach Béarla agus Gaeilge ag Comhairle Ceantair an Dúin ach tá siad tar éis glacadh leis an maoiniú ón mBord go drogallach agus deir siad go bhfuil siad ‘faoi bhrú’.

Tá an Bord tar éis taispeáint go dtugann siad tacaíocht do pholasaí aonteangach amháin, an Béarla, agus go bhfuil siad chun an t-airgead a tharraingt siar má leanann an Chomhairle ar aghaidh le comharthaíocht dhátheangach.

Bhí leisc ar Chomhairle Ceantair an Dúin glacadh leis an maoiniú ach tá siad le dúshlán pholasaí Béarla-amháin a thabhairt.

Dheimhnigh an Comhairleoir Éamonn Mac Con Midhe do Meon Eile go bhfuair sé comhairle dhlí agus cé go raibh an chuma ar an scéal go raibh polasaí an Bhoird mídhleathach, ní bheadh ach seans 50% ag an Chomhairle in athbhreithniú breithiúnach.


Creideann an Leas-Stiúrthóir ar an Choiste um Riaradh an Cheartais (CAJ), Daniel Holder, áfach, go mbriseann polasaí aonteangach NITB reachtaíocht cearta daonna, ar a laghad faoi dhó.

(1) Creideann Leas-Stiúrthóir CAJ go mbriseann an Bord an reachtaíocht mar gheall go bhfuil siad ag teacht salach ar reachtaíocht atá ag an Rialtas ina bhfuil ar gach comhlacht poiblí céimeanna dearfacha a thógáil chun an Ghaeilge a chur chun cinn agus chun logainmneacha traidisiúnta a chur chun cinn.

(2) Léirítear faoin gCairt Eorpach do Chearta Daonna nach bhfuil cead ag comhlachtaí poiblí idirdhealú a dhéanamh ar dhaoine mar gheall ar theanga. Briseann an Bord rialacha na cairte nuair a chuireann siad cosc ar an nGaeilge ar na comharthaí, cé go gcomhlíonann sé gach critéir eile.

Deir Leas-Stiúrthóir CAJ cé nach bhfuil ceist dhleathach foilsithe go fóill tá roinnt cinntí déanta agus is cosúil go mbeidh ball poiblí ag togáil cás dlíthiúil pearsanta.

Dar leis go bhfuil na fáthanna atá ag an mBord chun cosc a chur an na comharthaí dátheangach áiféiseach.

“None of these issues seem particularly convincing. It seems to be primarily political directions, but if you are a public body you have to operate within the law.”

D’iarr Meon Eile agallamh le Príomhfheidhmeannach an Bhord Turasóireachta Alan Clarke ach dúradh linn nach raibh sé ar fáil.

Fuair Meon Eile comhfhreagairt ón Uasal Clarke, agus é ag déanamh tagartha do threoir shoiléir a bhí faighte acu ón Aire ach níl Leas-Stiúrthóir CAJ tar éis aon fhianaise a fheiceáil go fóill, fiú le roinnt iarratas saoráil faisnéise curtha ar aghaidh.

Bíonn treoracha ón Aire i gcónaí scríofa agus iarrann an státseirbhíseach sinsearach sa Roinn na treorach nuair a easaontaíonn siad chomh láidir sin faoi chinneadh an Aire go ndiúltaíonn siad seasamh leis an chinneadh. Ní dhéantar seo ach go fíor-annamh agus léiríonn siad conspóid nach féidir teacht ar réiteach idir Aire agus státseirbhíseach sinsearach.

Ar 17 Deireadh Fómhar 2012, fuair Leas-Stiúrthóir an CAJ comhfhreagras ón Príomhfheidhmeannach Alan Clarke a léirigh:

‘”The scope and basis of the Tourist Board’s approach is based upon the Department of Regional Development’s signage Policy which ‘is’ itself supported by a clear Ministerial Direction. This policy provides that signs should be in English only except where the facility in question is known in another language such as Irish.”

Tá an comhairleor Cadogan Enright tar éis roinnt iarratas saoráil faisnéise a chur ar aghaidh freisin go dtí an Bord Turasóireachta chun an treoir ón Aire a fheiceáil ach níl fianaise ar bith faighte aige go fóill.

Nuair a chuaigh Meon Eile i dteagmhail le Bord Turasóireachta Thuaisceart Éireann, áfach, dúirt urlabhraí nach raibh treoir oifigiúil ón Aire tugtha:

“NITB has a good working relationship with local authorities and we are keen to progress all joint signage projects at the earliest opportunity for the benefit of all our visitors. At no time has there been an official direction given to the NITB regarding signage policy in the Down District Council area.”

D’iarr Meon Eile agallamh leis an Aire ach dúirt urlabhraí ó DETI nach raibh fáil ar an Aire. Dúirt urlabhraí ón Roinn Fiontraíocht:

“The Department is content with the NITB’s current policy on signage and, in correspondence with theNITB, the Minister reiterated that the current policy should be adhered to. At no time has there been an official direction given to the NITB regarding signage policy in Down District Council.”

Dheimhnigh urlabhraí DETI do Meon Eile nach raibh difríocht ar bith idir treoir ón Aire agus treoir oifigiúil.

Creideann Leas-Stiúrthóir CAJ go bhfuil dualgas ar NITB cloí leis an dlí, is cuma treoir bheith faighte ón Aire nó gan treoir bheith faighte.

Ní bheadh an díospóireacht seo ag dul ar aghaidh idir an Bord Turasóireachta agus Comhairle Ceantair an Dúin faoi láthair dá mbá rud é go raibh Acht Gaeilge i dtuaisceart na tíre.

Creideann leas-stiúrthóir an CAJ gur gá an Ghaeilge a chosaint.

Creideann Janet Muller, Príomhfheidhmeannach Pobal, go láidir gur cheart go mbeadh comharthaíocht dhátheangach sa cheantar agus go leanann an díospóireacht seo sraith fadhbanna idir an Bord Turasóireachta agus comhairlí áitiúla.

Creideann sí nach dtuigeann an Bord Turasóireachta na dualgais dlleathacha atá orthu freastal ar lucht na Gaeilge.

Creideann sí go gcuireann an polasaí ‘Béarla amháin’ atá ag an mBord isteach ar an dlí faoin Chairt Eorpach um Theangacha Réigiúnacha nó Mionlaigh atá ansin chun cosaint ar logainmneacha traidisiúnta, agus freisin faoin gCreatchoinbhinsiún do Chosaint ar Theangacha Mionlaigh.

Creideann Príomhfheidhmeannach Pobal go ndéanann an Bord Turasóireachta idirdhealú ar gach Gaeilgeoir leis an bpolasaí ‘Béarla amháin’ atá acu agus go ndéanann sé idirdhealú ach go háiraithe ar pháistí atá ag foghlam na Gaeilge agus turasóirí freisin atá ag iarraidh stair agus cultúr na háite a fhoghlaim.

Creideann sí nach mbeadh míthuiscint ar bith ann dá mbeadh Béarla agus Gaeilge le feiceáil taobh le taobh ar na comharthaí sa cheantar.

Creideann an comhairleoir neamhspléach Cadogan Enright, chomh maith leis an gcomhairleoir ó Shinn Féin, Éamonn Mac Con Midhe, go dtaispeánfaí meas sa cheantar dá mbeadh comharthaí dátheangacha le feiceáil agus chomh maith leis sin bheadh sé ceangailte leis an bpolasaí dátheangach atá ag an gComhairle.

Luann siad na Gaelscoileanna ar fad atá sa cheantar agus go ndéanann comharthaí le Béarla amháin idirdhealú ar theaghlaigh, daltaí, múinteoirí agus turasóirí.

Cé go bhfuil polasaí ‘Béarla amháin’ ag NITB, níl fianaise ar bith don pholasaí seo feicthe ag an gcomhairleoir Cadogan Enright ná Éamonn Mac Con Midhe.

Creideann an comhairleoir Mac Con Midhe go dtéann an polasaí ‘Béarla amháin’ atá ag an mBord i gcoinnie Chomhaontú Aoine an Chéasta, Comhaontú Chill Rímhinn agus an Chairt Eorpach um Theangacha Réigiúnacha nó Mionlaigh.

Creideann an comhairleoir Enright go bhfuil an polasaí ‘Béarla amháin’ atá ag an mbord mídhleatach.

Cuireann sé i leith an Aire ag bhfuil sí ag dul ar ‘anti-Irish crusade’.

“Essentially what you have is a minister going off on what I can only call an anti-Irish crusade within her department, which is manifest ally illegal.”


Councilor Cadogan Enright has supported a call from fellow Councilor Robert Burgess for a full report by management at next month’s Environment Committee on Council managements failure to take prosecutions for dumping at Downpatrick’s Heritage Railway system based on witness statements, photographs, maps and people willing to give evidence about the dumping.

From the Left Cllr Cadogan Enright, Tommy Mathers, John Wilson and Cllr Robert Burgess

From the Left Cllr Cadogan Enright, Tommy Mathers, John Wilson and Cllr Robert Burgess

Cllr Enright said, “We now believe that the situation has raised the whole attitude of the department as needing to be brought to committee for attention. The reluctance to prosecute, the apparent belief that patrolling is a substitute for prosecutions, and even the suggestion that patrolling itself is no use as staff wear high-vis uniforms so the dumpers will simply wait till they are out of sight. It almost sounds like this department are trying to do themselves out of a job.”

Cllr Burgess said “I have reviewed this correspondence and note that the department received witness statements from the then Chair of Down Railway accompanied by maps and photographs. The excuses for not pursuing this matter were quite unacceptable. When someone is prepared to write in with supporting materials like this they MUST be taken seriously.”

Cllr Burgess continued “I note that considerable effort was expended by railway representatives to provide the environmental department with the material to take action against the small group of repeat offenders who deposit such a large amount of litter in the car parking areas facing the railway on the right hand side.”

“I note that even at this late stage council officials could take action to trace these individuals, but seem to me making a new round of unacceptable excuses as to why they should not do so. I am insisting that action is now taken to trace the drivers of these vehicles.” Said Cllr Robert Burgess,

“We have a situation here where we know where the offending occurs, know when it occurs, we know several of the regular offenders and their cars of which we have photographs and we have witness statements. It is open for our staff to go down their most evenings and make prosecutions, or follow up on existing good witness statements. The solutions here are very obvious to Robert Burgess and I and we will be expecting answers at our next meeting.” Concluded Cllr Cadogan Enright