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sept 18 2013 Environmentalist Farmer explains the farming business to DUP conservationist Jim Wells

sept 18 c 2013 wind turbine reply to wells by CadoganEnright
Cllr Cadogan Enright said “I can’t see either farmers or environmentalists voting for Jim Wells in Lecale after this series of letters

sept 18 2013 DUP’s Jim Wells attacks local farmers, plus Cllr Enright & local MLAs for supporting local farmers

sept 18 a 2013 wind turbine wells by CadoganEnright
Jim Wells tries to play the ‘Tourist Card’ against local farmers – but ignores his own role in facilitating Tourism Trade-damaging flag flying in key tourist centres in Down

Disgracefully attempts to block local environmentally farmer Edward Carson form getting a replacement for his old wind turbine


sept 4  2013 turbine refusal by CadoganEnright
Cllr Cadogan Enrights rejection of planners proposal to block a replacement turbine for one of Downs most environmentally friendly farmers was supported by all parties who demanded a reconsideration on the matter

Aug 28 2013 Editorial Supports Farmers

Aug 28 2013 Editorial planners and farmers by CadoganEnright
Editorial of Local paper supports need of farmers to generate their own energy – and for planners to take this vital economic need on board when making their decisions. MLA’s John McCallister and Chris Hazzard have also weighed in with Cllr Cadogan Enright to support Edward Carson

aug 28 2013 Turbine Wars continued from front page.

aug 28 2013 turbine wars by CadoganEnright
Local Farmers gather with Cllr Cadogan Enright in support of Edward Carson, and planners scandalous treatment of him.

MLA’s Chris Hazzard and John McCallister subsequently come out in support of him.

aug 28 2013 Windturbine Wars break out between farmers and planners

aug 28 2013 windturbine wars by CadoganEnright
A campaign by Cadogan to support local farmers makes the front page. Here a well-known local farmer who is seeking to replace his wind turbine is finding himself blocked by planners as if he was applying for a new turbine.  His huge energy bill must be defrayed by renewable energy if his exports to the UK market are to be competitive

july 24 2013 Cadogan Helps farmers lobby banks

july 24 2013 bankslendingfarmers by CadoganEnright

Cllr Cadogan Enright and John McCallister MLA help local farmers lobby Belfast Banks for a rational approach to lending for farm projects – and especially renewable energy projects where incomes are backed by ROC’s

Meeting officials at BoI Head Office in Belfast, the economic case was well made, and BoI officials agreed to send a delegation to Down District to meet with farmers to discuss their projects

july 3 2013 jobs campaign taken to Stormont

july 3 a 2013 jobs stormont by CadoganEnright
As Chairperson of the campaign to bring Public Sector Jobs to Down District, Cadogan organises launch of Down’s ‘sales brochure’ with help of MLA’s John McCallister, Chris Hazzard and Finance Minister Simon Hamilton.
5,500 people commute daily to Belfast for work – overwhelmingly in the public sector – Downs Public Sector Campus would provide a far more sustainable location for these jobs – drastically reducing congestion in Belfast and locally and giving a boost to local businesses who would no longer see the spending power of the District commuting to Belfast..

Letter to Minister Durkan Oct 2013

Dear Private Office,

I note since the matter of your Departments legal team delaying the issue of bye-laws by up to 5 years was first brought to the Ministers attention, there has been another change of MInister.
This is the third change of Minister since this issues was first raised.
In meetings with Minister Poots and Attwood, both expressed frustration at the slow pace of progress, and came to accept that the slow pace in issueing bye-laws was rooted in outdated practices within the departments legal team, and not with local councils as Ministers had first been incorrectly briefed..
I am writing to
1. Inform you that 3 more months have now passed and the matter is not settled.
2. I welcome your decision to change procedures over the management process for new bye-laws. Myself and Council officers would like the opportunity to be consulted and review the new procedures you refer to in your letter of the 29th June 2013, as we would represent the ‘customers’ of any new procedures. This would be important before new procedures are issued on 31st Dec 2013 as you mentioned in the final para of your letter
3. We note that council mergers are coming up, and thus the department is likely to be hit with a tidal wave of bye-laws, and the 5+ year delays in our bye-laws, if replicated across the North, will result in chaos
Finally, I would ask to be allowed to bring these matters to the new Minister Durkans attention.
Cllr Cadogan Enright

17th July Recorder editorial supports Cllr Enright’s litter campaign

Down Recorder Editorial Supports Cllr Cadogan Enright’s campaign to keep Lecale Tidy