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Cllr Cadogan Enright celebrates £4 Million rates victory

Cllr Cadogan Enright celebrates rates victory by Cadogan Enright

Councillor Cadogan Enright’s 3 year campaign of opposition to what he has described as “excessive cash reserves” in Down District Council at the expense of the ratepayer appears to have been vindicated.
Cllr Enright, a qualified Chartered Accountant, was the only councilor to vote against the adoption of Down Districts Annual Accounts last year. At the time he claimed that the council had over-provided in its cash reserves by at least 3 to 4 million pounds.
Cadogan Enright said “following my defeat last March by a margin of 22 to 1 on this issue last year, I referred the matter to the external auditor, the audit committee and managed with the help of 2 other councilors to have the internal auditor spend time investigating this matter.”
“The council’s turnover was estimated to be £18 million this year, but cash reserves had been allowed to accumulate to well over £10 million. Ignoring specific reserves, our closing current cash balance last year was standing at £4.9 million, compared to Newry and Mourne at £0.6, Ards and Castlerea both at £1.3 and Armagh at £0.1 million. Were we to merge with Newry and Mourne as planned, this would be the equivalent of giving each person living in Newry and Mourne a present of £29 – a £2.5 million ‘hello present”. Said Cadogan.
“In addition to this, I disputed the entire provision of £3.7 million of additional reserves earmarked to decommission Drumnakelly dump. I believe we are only legally and environmentally required to provide for decommissioning for a maximum of 30 years after its closure, not the 60 proposed by management. We are also allowed to recognize the future value of income from renewable energy and, in particular electricity generated from methane at the dump. Newry and Mourne have done this and as a result only have a fraction of our reserves for the same purpose”.
“Having attended audit and strategic resource committee meetings over the last 18 months I am now certain that all technical questions about this matter have now been resolved. The bigger parties are now faced with estimates of 20 to 30% of rates increases over the next 4 years, and have been forced to come round to my point of view to be able to achieve an acceptable rates figure. We have at least £4 million is reserves available to use before the merger with Newry and Mourne.” Concluded Cllr Enright.
Cllr Cadogan Enright also thanked fellow councilors John Doris and Eamon Mac Con Midhe for their support in pursuing this matter, saying “Cllr Mac Con Midhe has proved to be an excellent Audit Committee Chairperson, not afraid to take on the experts and I am grateful for his support”.


I have distributed my latest Newsletter in the Downpatrick and Lecale areas. I have two editions – The Lecale edition and the now online for you to download.

Down District Edition

Lecale District Edition

Articles included are:

  • Forward by Cllr Cadogan Enright (Downpatrick Councillor and MLA Candidate for South Down)
  • Bill Corry on Planning
  • Bill Corry on Ballyhornan
  • Raymond Blaney – The History Health Campaigning in Down District.
  • Seaforde and Clough Residents Object to Fly-tipping
  • Killough Successes for Cllr Cadogan Enright
  • Ballyculter Residents Assert their right of way
  • Victory at Tyrella Beach
  • Ardglass Hospital Activist Supports Cllr Enrights Campaign
  • Snow Scandal – Approach to Bad Weather Must Change

Download the newsletters and circulate amongst your friends and family.


Photograph shows Green Party Cllr Cadogan Enright and Green Party activist Pat Ward in the woods at Tobar Mhuire.

DOWN Councillor Cadogan Enright welcomed the Planning Service placing a temporary “blanket” Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on the Tobar Mhuire Monastery in Crossgar.

Cadogan Enright said “There was great sadness in the area when local people heard that this much-loved institution was to move and that Tobar Mhuire could be sold. The Green Party had been seeking to get the trees in the monastery subject to a TPO for some time, but this announcement made it all the more urgent to get the TPOs in place to ensure that any future development of the site would be sensitive to the valuable legacy on the site.”

“In addition to the Planning Service we contacted all other agencies and local groups to try and get them to express their concerns as well. Some of the woodland at Tobar Muire is pre-1600 and thus is very significant as less than 1% of the land in N.I. is covered by Ancient Woodland” continued Cllr Enright.

“The grounds of the Monastery are an important local resource and refuge for the people of Crossgar. This TPO will afford 6 months protection to all the trees within the site. During this period an aboriculturalists survey will be completed that will survey the health and condition of every tree.”

Cadogan Enright said, “We have been informed that once this survey has been completed, the provisional Order will be confirmed resulting in a tree specific Tree Preservation Order by the planning service. We welcome this timely intervention by the Planning Service”.

“The Green Party would like to thank the Woodland Trust for their help in this campaign, their prompt response to our request for help, when added to our own canvassing of the planning service seems to have got the results that local people were hoping for.” concluded Cllr Enright.

AREA TO BE COVERED BY TPOs – Click on the left link to download a map highlighting the area to be covered by TPOS.

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Photograph shows Green Party Co-ordinator Pat Ward, Westlands Estate resident Mary Woodside and Cllr Cadogan Enright at the Westlands Estate Playpark.

Down Cllr Cadogan Enright has welcomed the installation of seating at the children’s play park in the Westlands estate Crossgar, so that adults will now have somewhere to sit when supervising their children.

The Green Party Councillor said, “Whilst canvassing in the Westlands Estate back in March I was told by parents and grandparents in the area that there was nowhere for them to sit when they brought their children to play on the swings. This was causing difficulties for older people and those who have difficulty walking or standing for long periods of time. The local residents asked me to raise this matter at Council.”

“Having heard the concerns of the local people I brought the problem to the attention of the Down District Council and I’m delighted to say that new seating has now been installed at the Westlands Estate Playpark.”

Cllr Enright concluded, “I would like to thank the hard work of Mark Bridges of Down District Council for installing the seating and for his work in various other areas.”

Press Cuttings: New seating in Crossgar playpark welcomed, westlands sitting pretty – community times front page, Crossgar Seat Community Times


022, originally uploaded by downgreenparty.

Down Cllr Cadogan Enright has expressed concern over the high level of drinking in public areas of Downpatrick and is calling for stricter laws to be put in place to tackle this problem. Cadogan has called for the adapting of plans being introduced in England and Wales by the Labour Party.

Cllr Enright said, “The Youth Alcohol Action Plan has introduced a new offence for the persistent possession of alcohol by young people in public spaces. There is a serious, and very obvious problem, with drinking in public in Downpatrick and one of the side effects of this is the large amount of rubbish which gathers in the public spaces in the town. This is particularly evident in the Grove area between the Saint Patrick’s Centre, the Down railway and the Cathedral where empty bottles and cans are strewn across the grass and in the woods.”

“This area is situated between three popular tourist destinations and it is a bad reflection that people travelling from all over the world are being exposed to a negative impression of Downpatrick. If we want these people to return and to speak well of our area we must make it presentable. This is not just a youth problem, last week I watched two police officers walk past several alcoholics sitting in a heap and drinking outside the St Pats Centre in the middle of the Tourist Season. This is intolerable and damages the town.” Cllr Enright continued.

Cadogan Enright said, “Down District Council expends large amounts of ratepayers money cleaning this area daily and weekly, and the hard working members of the Council staff clear the rubbish away but it keeps returning. It is a waste of Council resources to continuously tidy up after those who are breaking the law in the first place. What we need is better enforcement against those who are creating the problem.”

Cllr Enright has said that he intends to raise the problem of public drinking and littering at the Down District Policing Partnership, of which he is an independent member. “Introducing the Youth Alcohol Plan in NI could go a long way to addressing the problems of underage drinking and drinking in public spaces” concluded Cllr Enright.

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Playpark at Westlands, Crossgar, originally uploaded by Cadogan Enright.

Down Cllr Cadogan Enright has called for seats to be installed at the childrens playpark in the Westlands estate Crossgar so that adults will have somewhere to sit when supervising their children.

The Councillor said, “I have been told by parents and grandparents in the area that there is nowhere for them to sit when they bring their children to play on the swings and they asked me to raise this matter at Council.”

“I visited the play-park recently and I was disappointed to see that there is indeed a lack of seating in the park. This causes difficulties for older people or those who have difficulty walking or standing for long periods of time. I will raise this at Council and have the seats installed” he said.

“Another thing which struck me was the broken glass in the area. This is frightening given the fact that the park is there for the enjoyment of children. Those who use this area to drink and smash glass bottles must stop. If anyone notices such activities taking place I would urge them to contact the police at Crossgar 08456008000.”

“I will be asking for the park to be cleaned and maintained so that it can be used safely”, he added.

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crossgar playpark seating


Down District Councillor Cadogan Enright has highlighted several dangers on the stretch of the A7 at Abbeyview Road which he fears will result in a serious accident if not rectified soon.

The stretch of road, on the main Downpatrick to Belfast route near Crossgar, has a number of outstanding issues which make driving in the area particularly risky.

“It has been brought to my attention by local residents that the junction of the Abbeyview Road and the A7 is very dangerous. Not only are the trees at the junction overgrown, making it difficult to for drivers to see road signs or oncoming traffic, but the slip road which once existed has been replaced with an outcrop of pavement.’

“The pavement continues out to the roadside and has been hit by several cars already. It should be reduced and the slipway reinstated so cars can safely turn into the Abbeyview Road without interrupting other drivers” he said.

Furthermore, the Councillor explained, the A7 road also climbs a hill at this point and there is no crawler lane, so slow traffic is often overtaken by other vehicles ignoring the solid white lines.

We recently visited the Abbeyview road, where they spoke to a number of residents who were concerned at flooding in the area that would add to the problems on the A7. James Ward explained that the gullies on the A7 were blocked and this causes flooding which makes driving conditions poor.

“Members of the Council have been calling for improvements to the road at Doran’s Rock quarry, so I am asking that this part of the road also be improved at the same time. There are several serious problems which need to be resolved here and so these should be part of any road improvement plan for the A7”, Cllr Enright added.

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Bonfire in Crossgar newspaper article

Bonfire in Crossgar newspaper article


killyleaghOEC, originally uploaded by downgreenparty.

We have been discussing the site for the new Blackwater Integrated College, looking at current proposals and alternative sites.

The Blackwater Integrated College is a proposed new Grant Maintained Integrated College, bringing together the existing Down Academy Controlled Integrated High School and Rowallane Integrated College. Blackwater IC will be a new, all-ability, co-educational College founded on the principles of integrated Education. It is proposed to open in September 2008.

Currently, the College is planned for the Mid-Down area, with a possible site in Crossgar. However, I have been discussing possible alternatives to this site which will make use of available brown-field sites and offer access for pupils in the mid-Down area.

Outgoing  Councillor, Bill Corry, is pictured here with incoming Councillor at the site of the SEELB Outdoor Education Centre in Killyleagh, which would offer an alternative site for the school.

Currently, Killyleagh does not have a secondary school and the proximity to the sea and the outdoor centre would allow for easy access to activities for pupils. This is one of several sites being discussed .

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