Photograph shows Cllr Enright at the grossly polluted river near MacDonalds on the Ballyduggan Road.

Cllr Enright has raised his concerns at the shocking state of a small river leading out of Downpatrick which is polluting the Ballyduggan Marshes and the Quoile River.

Cllr Enright met with EHS officials on site and after looking over the obvious pollution of the water he formally requested additional water testing to be carried out to establish if any detergents or other chemicals such as chloride, PH, Ammonia, BOD and other suspended solids are found.

This river has been highly polluted and has been monitored by Green Party Activists for the last three years who have highlighted wide spread die-off of frogs in the marshes and the stench of rotting mater experienced by passing pedestrians. It has frequently found to be full of harmful waste and sewage deposits.

Cllr Enright said, “A number of local people have pointed out to me how bubbles of apparent noxious gases have also been seen rising from the river bed. This type of pollution is rarely seen even in the most industrial cities, let alone a town like Downpatrick.”

Cllr Enright has raised concerns about the effect this pollution is having on local wildlife. He said, “the extent of the pollution in the river would suggest that it would make it totally unsuitable for wildlife. More worryingly, however, is the potential impact this pollution could have on wildlife further downstream, where the water enters the Ballyduggan marshes and then the Quoile. Both are areas with large numbers and varieties of wildlife and this pollution is clearly having a devastating effect on what should be one of the most beautiful and environmentally protected parts of the town.”

DOWN Cllr Cadogan Enright is currently waiting on the results from the EHS officers to establish exactly how bad this pollution is and from where the most likely source of this pollution is coming from.

Cllr Enright concluded, “I am hoping that the results from these tests will help us in tackling the serious problem of water pollution in Downpatrick. If we find out what is causing this problem we will hopefully be able to locate the source of the pollution in this case – however it should be noted that this is just one of several instances, of pollution, being monitored by the Green Party in Downpatrick at this time.

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