CALL FOR SPA PLAYGROUND, originally uploaded by downgreenparty.

Green Party Cllr Cadogan Enright has called for funding to be made available to refurbish the children’s playground in the Hillside estate in Spa due to the deteriorated state of the current park.

Local Green Party Coordinator, Pat Ward, said “The play park in Spa is almost thirty five years old and the slide was recently removed for health and safety reasons. The local residents recognised the need to remove the slide for this reason but they want to ensure that a replacement will be put in place.”

“Many of the parents have to travel to other areas, such as Drumaness, in order to allow their kids to play in safety. This is not fair for either the parents or the kids and we in the Green Party are calling for funds to be made available to refurbish the existing park or provide new facilities.”

Bobby Hunter, of the Hillside and Spa Community Association, who has been campaigning for a playground, said, “We have made an application previously for lottery funding for a new playground but have been refused. Our argument is that this play park will not only be for the kids in Hillcrest, but will accommodate all the surrounding housing estates, none of which currently have a play area. We have to get the kids off the streets and allow them to play in a safe area.”

Green Party Cllr Cadogan Enright called for new facilities for the people of Spa. He said “It does not make sense that the children of Spa cannot play in Spa but instead must travel to other areas. It is time that a new play park was provided for the local people. It seems unreasonable that the slide was not replaced. I will be working with my fellow councillors of all parties to assisit local residents to achieve funding for play facilities in SPA.”

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