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Pat Ward and Cllr Cadogan Enright have expressed their concern and frustration at the continuing problems with sewerage spills in the village of Drumaness which have been causing serious problems for local residents.

Local Environmentalist Pat Ward has said that two manholes on the Park Road, adjacent to the Crawfordstown Road, have erupted three times in the last five weeks resulting in a pool of raw sewerage gathering along the roadside.

“The contractors have come out to clear the mess on several occasions, and although it resolves the problem at the time, the sewerage soon returns”, he said.

“I have been told that the problem is that one of the man-holes – which were put in place to service the increased development on Park Road- is six foot deep whilst the other is only 2 and a half foot deep. If there is a surge of storm water, then this will cause rubble to get blocked in the pipe joining the two, which is six inches in diameter” explained Pat.

He continued “Until we get the pipeline lifted and replaced we will have this occurrence on and off. The road would not even have to be dug up for this to happen as the manholes are within ten foot of grassland beside the road, so the traffic should not be affected”.

Cllr Cadogan Enright has agreed with Pat Ward, stating that this current problem is symptomatic of the larger sewerage problem in Drumaness and elsewhere. “I have visited the residents of Drumaness on a number of occasions in relation to sewerage problems all over the village. The rate of development in Drumaness has not been coupled with an improvement in the infrastructure and so we continue to have these problems. This has happened in towns and villages across Down District.”

“I have contacted environmental health services and the Council and am determined to have this specific problem, and the wider problem of sewerage in Drumaness, resolved”, Cllr Enright concluded.

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