Waste Dumped in Drumaness – including Hospital Records.

DOWN Cllr Cadogan Enright has expressed his concerns over a large amount of household waste which has been dumped in Drumaness.

The site, on the Park Road, adjacent the Dan Rice hall, has a been used as a dump for garbage bags full of various types of waste.

Cllr Enright said, “I was  made aware of the problem by local residents who have complained that this rubbish has been mounting for several months. In fact, when we went out to visit the site, a number of rats were amongst the pile as we approached. What is most worrying is that children evidently use this field for recreation and such a dump causes great risks.”

Local Drumaness Environmentalist , Pat Ward, has been engaging the concerns of local residents at the spate of littering and illegal dumping in Drumaness. He said, “We understand that the field which is being used as a dump has changed ownership and the new owner does not reside in the area so may not be aware of the problem.”

The Down District Councils Environmental Health Department has been made aware of this issue and the Environmental Crime unit of the Environment Heritage Service has been contacted to investigate this.

Cllr Enright welcomed the Down District Councils addition of new enforcement officers that will be working to tackle these issues of littering in connection with their anti-social behaviour duties. An enforcement officer has been made aware of the problem and action is being taken to deal with it.

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