Photograph shows Cllr Enright with new energy certificate at a building site in Downpatrick.

DOWN Cllr Cadogan Enright has welcomed the introduction of a new energy assessment requirement for homes on the market, and has urged all those selling and buying homes to be aware of the importance of energy efficiency.

Cllr Enright was discussing the introduction of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), which measure how efficient a home is at using energy and gives it a rating out of 100 which is then divided from A to G with A rating being the most energy efficient. These EPCs will become a requirement for all homes being sold from July 1st and for all new build homes from October 1st this year.

“By rating homes on their energy efficiency, we can highlight the importance of having a well insulated home. The price of oil and gas has shot up recently and as it becomes more expensive to heat our homes, it is essential that our homes become more efficient at using energy. The more energy efficient a home is, the lower its running costs will be” said Cllr Enright.

Cllr Enright continued, “There are many advantages to this scheme: not only are those who own or build homes encouraged to make them more efficient, saving on heating costs, but it is also a way of tackling climate change without resorting to expensive taxation. These assessments will cost approximately each and will include recommendations on how to improve your efficiency level.”

“Furthermore, these assessments can only be carried out by trained ‘authorised persons’ who have the necessary training, competence and accreditation so this programme will result in the creation of a large number of skilled jobs”, he said.

“However, whilst it is only those who decide to sell their homes who currently need to attain an EPC, I would urge all homeowners to take action to improve the efficiency of their homes as it will benefit them and the environment, saving money and carbon emissions.”

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