Since sending in the press statement below, new Information has been obtained as to why DRD are attempting to cut the people of Strangford off from the only access they have to deep water on the Quay  click here to see all background information on this application 


L to R Brendan Kerr (Festival Committee), Cllr Cadogan Enright,   Dairmuid Riordan (Chair of Strangford Community Association), Frank Sadler and Brian Riordan , AT THE QUAY WHERE THE DEVELOPMENT IS PROPOSED
L to R Brendan Kerr (Festival Committee), Cllr Cadogan Enright, Dairmuid Riordan (Chair of Strangford Community Association), Frank Sadler and Brian Riordan , AT THE QUAY WHERE THE DEVELOPMENT IS PROPOSED

Cllr Cadogan Enright has hit out at DRD’s attempt to fence off New Quay in Strangford, following a meeting with members of the Villages community association.

Cllr Enright said “There appears to be a presumption in the application that DRD can ride roughshod over the long-standing use of the Quay by the community in Strangford with no explanation as to the purpose of preventing the community accessing the facilities at New Quay as they have done since time immemorial.”

Strangford Community Association Chair Diarmuid Riordan said “Planning applications require details of the proposed development, including purpose for which the land/buildings are to be used. The form states that ‘It is vital that a full and accurate description of the proposal is provided. Give as much detail as possible’. But no details are given other than a description of the ugly black fence. I.E. ‘New 1.8m high Ibex fence with new pedestrian on slipbolt gate and new pedestrian keypad gate.2no 3m wide vehicular access gates‘.”

Strangford Festival committee member Brenda Kerr said “This application is located at New Quay which is part of a designated Conservation Area. New Quay is shown in the Strangford Conservation Area Booklet published by the Department of the Environment in September 1985. It is manifestly obvious that this proposed development meets none of the mandatory criteria for developing in a conservation area. We are calling for local people to make themselves aware of what is proposed and consider objecting.”

Councillor Cadogan Enright agreed and said “Houses along Quay Road would be ‘hemmed in’ by such a development. This proposal is alien to residents in the village, and a damaging attack on the local Tourist industry. This proposed division of The Quay represents a loss to the community of Strangford and its visitors and tourists, a loss of which would be detrimental to the life and prosperity of the village.”

“Over the course of any weekend local people and tourists can be observed on New Quay fishing, picnicking, walking, sitting and viewing, photographing, painting, and accessing their boats. The current proposal is a heavy handed solution to an unknown problem, and is probably aimed at setting aside this part of the Quay as a secure compound for other uses than exist at present. Strong suspicions exist in Strangford that DRD is cooperating with interests that see benefit in a long-standing valuable community asset being converted to a private asset by stealth.” Concluded Cllr Enright.

Notes to Editor

Attached is a photograph of from the left Brendan Kerr (Strangford Festival Committee), Cllr Cadogan Enright,    Dairmuid Riordan (Chair of Strangford Community Association), Frank Sadler and Brian Riordan

For more information contact Cllr Enright on 07590462329

Contact chair of Strangford Community Association; Diarmuid Riordan 07816868019

Festival Committee Brendan Kerr 07863900138

Department policy on new development in a Conservation Area states ‘The Department will normally only permit development proposals for new buildings , alterations, extensions and changes of use in , or which impact on the setting of, a conservation area where ALL the following criteria are met:

(a) the development preserves or enhances the character and appearance of the area;

(b) the development is in sympathy with the characteristic built form of the area;

(c) the scale , form , materials and detailing of the development respects the characteristics of adjoining buildings in the area;

(d) the development does not result in environmental problems such as noise , nuisance or disturbance which would be detrimental to the particular character of the area;

(e) important views within , into and out of the area are protected;

(f) landscape features contributing to the character or appearance of the area are protected and conforms with the guidance set out in conservation area documents.