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 Press Release by Cllr CADOGAN ENRIGHT  on behalf of Strangford Community Association

Strangford Village Community Association met Friday afternoon to consider compromise proposals from Council over the re-development of the lower village green abutting the slipway in the centre of the village.

examining plans at Stranford Village Green,  Cllr Cadogan Enright on the Lower Green by the slipway. Village committee Chair Diarmuid Riordan is right and treasurer Gary Laverty is left.

examining plans at Stranford Village Green, Cllr Cadogan Enright on the Lower Green by the slipway. Village committee Chair Diarmuid Riordan is right and treasurer Gary Laverty is left.

This followed a meeting of local Councillors at Down District Council on Wednesday afternoon, where Councilor Cadogan Enright was delegated to meet with the Community Association and see if a compromise could be found between the community’s DRAP-funded Strangford Village Plan and the plans put forward by Council management for the lower green area.

Councillor Enright said, “It was clear that the latest proposals from Council are not even beginning to reflect the Strangford Village Plan that was formulated by local people with the help of the Down Rural Area Partnership.  Councils’ Mournes Coastal Route tourist initiative basically seeks to turn most of the lower green into an ornamental space like the upper green”.

Community Association Chair Diarmuid Riordan said “The lower village green is a recreational space for locals and tourists alike. It needs to be preserved for the Village Festival or the funfair or cinema, and for continuing the tradition of launching little boats, or for a safe children’s ‘paddling area’. Council’s so-called ‘Mournes Coastal Route’ can only benefit from such common sense, making our village green a far more attractive space for visitors than just another car-park. We already have an ornamental space at the upper green, we don’t need a second one.”

Community Association treasurer Gary Laverty said “We hope that the current negotiations being brokered between Council and Strangford villagers achieves success. The latest Council compromise diagram simply removes the formalisation of car-parking in place of illegal parking on the green. This is not enough of a concession – the community needs the maximum amount of green space for the lower green to facilitate its traditional purposes – and the purpose envisaged in the Strangford Village Plan – i.e. being the beating heart of the local community.”

Councillor Enright said “Council management declined last week to meet with village representatives, and sought a meeting instead with local councillors to review the revised plans. I know that Strangford Community Association village committee continues to demand a meeting with senior council management. I believe that local Councillors  will have to instruct Council management meet with local people and reflect their needs. It will only help tourism as the village plan was well thought out. I have written to my fellow councilors outlining compromise proposals from the community association meeting on Friday. Hopefully Councillors will ensure that Council Management will see sense, and this issue can be finally laid to rest to the satisfaction of all”.

Annual report to voters and constituents in every house in every village in Lecale

Dear Constituent,
I would like to wish you and your families a Happy New Year.

I am delivering my 8th annual report to every house in every village in Lecale this week to explain to you on how I have been representing your views on Down District Council and other agencies. I am the only local councillor to deliver an annual report to every house in Downpatrick.

Here is the electronic version Cadogan Enright Lecale Report January 2014

This newsletter can only be a summary my work for you over the last year. My website provides much more detail – see
 www.enright.ie  or search for ‘Cadogan Enright’ on Facebook where I post or log my activities as a councillor on a weekly basis.

Cllr Cadogan Enright


I found the response of Roads Service and Council to the tidal surge on Friday good in most Lecale Villages WITH 2 EXCEPTIONS
Examining  Storm Debris around houses in Coney Island before high tide1. The Roads Service would not help Coney Island as the road is deemed ‘private’ (this basically means the road is just a track) – the sea wall is partly breached in two places. So it seemed to me that the Council must protect ratepayers in Coney Island before going to the assistance of the Roads Service in other areas – but  they had no assistance on Friday from anyone.   Sadly when I phoned emergency duty manager  Michael Lipsett as the manager in charge of response, he  did not agree, so I have tabled the following NOTICE OF MOTION for the next Council meeting.

“That the Councils emergency plan for dealing with floods and other emergencies will be amended to deal with the protection of ratepayers in areas that other agencies are unable to provide assistance.

For instance Roads Service is unable to provide flood protection to Coney Island during tidal surges. It should therefore be the priority of the Council to ensure that these few areas be attended to first, before going to the assistance of other agencies.”

I spend several hours on Saturday trying to get some bags for Coney Island ahead of Sunday. As of 4pm today I had nothing but expressions of annoyance from the PSNI and the English-based help line that NI Councils were not answering their telephone numbers today ahead of Sundays surge. There were apparently many more like me seeking a few sandbags. I passed on my complaints and these other complaints to council management. Eventually on Saturday evening at 4.34 M Lipsett wrote out acknowledging these complaints and asking people to follow the councils ansafones directions.
In advance of Sunday, I have asked the council to give me sufficient sand bags to fill the two holes at Coney Island  – the first one would take 10 sand bags, and maybe 15 for the second one.
Cllr Enright delivering bags to the Riordan family -  Sandbags arrived a bit late in Strangford 2. Assistance arrived too late Strangford Village and several premises were left flooded out unnecessarily, and then the Roads Service lorry left too early leaving the Council lorry with too few sandbags to satisfy demand – presumably we can get the timings right on Sunday – I have contacted flood relief to make sure there is a more timely response here for the next 2 days especially Sunday.
Displaying Flooding over football fields in KilloughElsewhere, There were plenty of dramatic images with the football pitch at Killough being under water  and the bridge over Station Road between Killough and Ardglass being partly washed away on the Killough side
I was impressed with the Roads Service helping (in particular) Fishermans Row in Killough

Dec 18 2013 Cadogan campaigns for social housing in Strangford Village

dec 18 2013 Cadogan campaigns for new social housing for young families in Strangford Village

dec 18 2013 Cadogan campaigns for new social housing for young families in Strangford Village

Cadogan is campaigning for Social Housing for young families in Strangford Village.

Local families are being priced out of the market by mostly Belfast based holiday homers. With lack of employment opportunities locally, may are emigrating.

Cadogans campaign is supported by St Joesephs Primary School and the Strangford Community Assoication



sept 18 2013 fence axed strangeford by CadoganEnright
Chairperson generously thanks Cllr Cadogan Enright and Margaret Ritchie MP for their support in winning the campaign

sept 11 2013 Cllr Cadogan Enright and Margaret Ritchie MP support Strangford Residents

sept 11 2013 cage strangeford welcome by CadoganEnright
Strong campaign reaps early result

sept 11 2013 Press Statement written by Cllr Enright for Strangford Residents Association

sept 11 2013 cage strangeford shelved by CadoganEnright
Press statement gets good coverage and is backed up by comments from Margaret Ritchie MP

sept 11 2013 Editorial Notes Strangford Campaign succeeding

sept 11 2013 Editorial cages strangeford by CadoganEnright
The vigorous campaign waged by the Strangford Residents Association supported by Cllr Cadogan Enright scores a significant win on the road to victory.

aug 28 2013 Strangford Saul and Raholp get commuter service

aug 28 2013 saul bus times by CadoganEnright

Cllr Cadogan Enright worked with Translink for a year to ensure that services could be rearranged so that;
1. Raholp and Saul were included AND
2. The commuter service links with Belfast bus connections.
3. Saul Road in Downpatrick also benefits
4. Significantly more services will be on the route

aug 28 2013 Strangford Village Bottle Banks removed – Cllr Enright aims to get them back

aug 28 2013 recycling removed by CadoganEnright

Cadogan vows to win back the bottle banks for Strangford Village after DRD bureaucracy loses facility for the village