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January 2014 – Autistic and Learning Disabled fight for a home

CAPAA and Gateway representives visit with Cllr Cadogan Enright

CAPAA and Gateway representives visit with Cllr Cadogan Enright

GATEWAY CLUB for those with learning disabilities

I was able to assist Downpatrick Presbyterian Church in rescuing the Gateway Club at short notice by offering their hall in Fountain Street. The Gateway Club provides a social outlet for adults learning disabilities between 23 and 50 years of age. The South Eastern Trust had closed their facilities without notice.

CAPAA (Children And Parents and Autism)

Similarly  CAPAA  are now being removed from ward 24 at the Downshire. The Trust has not offered any alternative venue for their extensive educational and training work with children and adults, which offers a few crucial respite hours for carers.

I took Moira Denvir of CAPAA and Mary McCargo of GATEWAY to meet the financial decision makers at the Trust, and it was clear that the Trust itself was not clear on how a situation like this could have arisen. This has triggered an internal investigation that is continuing.

Meanwhile, do you know of an underused or dilapidated building in Downpatrick and District with an outside area that could be restored as a garden for fruit and vegetables that could be used by CAPAA? Contact Joanne 07885519469 or Moira at 07999525323, 

Gateway Christmas bash a great success

Gateway Christmas bash a great success

Jan 2&7 2014 Downe Hospital A & E protest

Jan 2&7 2014 A raft of letters sent to all the regional and National papers

Down Councillor Cadogan Enright had protest letters published in Irish News, Belfast Telegraph and Irish Times. Also a reported sighting in the Newsletter – still looking for that one – see link to 2 versions of this letter here
The full uncut full version was published in Down News at








Dec 18 2013 Cadogan campaigns for social housing in Strangford Village

dec 18 2013 Cadogan campaigns for new social housing for young families in Strangford Village

dec 18 2013 Cadogan campaigns for new social housing for young families in Strangford Village

Cadogan is campaigning for Social Housing for young families in Strangford Village.

Local families are being priced out of the market by mostly Belfast based holiday homers. With lack of employment opportunities locally, may are emigrating.

Cadogans campaign is supported by St Joesephs Primary School and the Strangford Community Assoication


dec 11 2013 Shameful response from SEELB uses untruthful propaganda to back 1970’s style discrimination on access to yellow bus

dec 11 2013  SEELB reply untruthfully on Killough Irish school bus discrimination

South Eastern Education and Library Board pretend that there is no yellow bus service taking children from all Lecale villages to school in Downpatrick, and thus claim they can’t run a special bus for Gaelic speaking children.

We now have a situation where 2 children living on the same street in Killough are travelling to Downpatrick to school – one is allowed on the yellow bus – and the other is not – a decision based solely on the language of the childs school

Dec 4 2013 Ardglass and Killough parents seek equality

An astonishing case of 1970’s style discrimination against children between 4 to 11 years of age whose only crime is to speak Gaelic.

Unionist politician John McAllister has agreed to sponsor this case to the Civil Service Ombudsman, again demonstrating why he is held in such high regard by both sides of the Community

Big success for Ardglass and Ballyhornan

This is one of my more successful campaigns in recent tears, This renewable energy project led by our local community offers local economic growth and finds solutions for Global Warming  – see details below;

Ardglass Energy Projecct

Dec 4 2013 b Ardfglass Development Association and lecale farmers celebrate new Hi-tech energy initiative

Dec 4 2013 b Ardfglass Development Association and lecale farmers celebrate new Hi-tech energy initiative by CadoganEnrightThis article gives more detail on the way in which the Lecale energy project is being developed


4th Dec Massive Green Energy Project Could Make Lecale an Energy Leader

dec 4 2013 Cllr Cadogan Enright chairs massive investment initaitive in Ardglass Ballyhornan AreasArdglass and Ballyhornan look set to gain big-time here.
This will have benefits to the whole Downpatrick and Lecale area
This is one of my most successful campaigns to date – it looks like its going to Translate into jobs, lower cost energy and more sustainable family farms in Lecale


27th November Cadogan passes motion in Council to heighten status of Lecale beaches

As part of his campaign to get EU recognition for Lecales beaches, Cadogan gets council resources passed to support application under EU Directive – cutting out the NI Dept of Environment – When we get our beaches recognised – NI Water will then be forced to stop dicharging sewerage on our beaches and give the Lecale Coast the same recognition as the ‘Gold Coast’


Motion Passed on improving beaches

nov 20 2013 Ardglass Sewage Scheme downgrade triggers Cllr Cadogan Enright to bid to have ‘Gold Coast’ standards for Lecale Beaches

Following the downgrading of Ardglass sewage works, and its failure to include Killough, Coney Island, Chapeltown and Ballyhornan – Cllr Cadogan Enright took months of ‘freedom of information’ requests to find out what was going on.  After a 6 month chain of freedom of information requests to various agencies, Cllr Enright finally got to the bottom of why North Down ‘Gold Coast’ Beaches have the highest levels of protection from NI Water dumping sewage on them whereas our local Lecale Beaches have the lowest standards and NI Water can do what it pleases. From Kilclief beach, to Killard, to Ballyhornan Beach and all the beaches to MInerstown – our coast has no protection.
In summary NI Water believe “There are a number of bathing waters identified under the Bathing Water Directive along the Gold Coast. These include Helen’s Bay, Crawfordsburn, Ballyholme, Groomsport and Millisle. There are currently no designated bathing waters along the Lecale Coast”.
It was eventually revealed that ‘Gold Coast’ beaches were all given EU Bathing Water Directive protection – but all Lecale beaches up to Tyrella were not.

Cllr Enright therefore proposes that Down Council Should apply for protection for its beaches under the EU Bathing water directive and force NI Water to stop dumping sewage on our local beaches

nov 20 m2013 designated bathing water a by CadoganEnright

nov 20 2013 designated bathing water b by CadoganEnright