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13th March 2013 Ballyhornan & other Villages left out

New Ardglass sewerage works must allow for piping of sewage from Ballyhornan, Coney Island and Killough

13th March 2013 Sewerage scheme could do better for Villages from Ballyhornan to Killough

Early promise of new Ardglass sewerage works disappoints when it is revealed that expected piping of sewage from Ballyhornan, Coney Island and Killough will not be going ahead

Ballyhornan could benefit from cross-Departmental co-ordination

Residents in Ballyhornan have voiced concerns about lack of inter-departmental working at Government level that is stymieing the development of the village with the announcement that NIWater is resurfacing Killard Drive, but not to the standard required by the Roads Service to ‘take it in charge’.

Ballyhornan Residents at Killard Drive with Cllr Cadogan Enright

Ballyhornan Residents at Killard Drive with Cllr Cadogan Enright

Local spokesperson Bryn Lewis said “when the RAF departed this area some years ago, no attempt was made to remediate the area. Roads were not taken in charge by the Roads Service, sewage was left flowing into the sea and no local facilities were available. The main road into the village looks like it has been systematically bombed and the Roads Service claims it can do nothing.”

Local councillor Cadogan Enright said “I have questioned NI Water on their proposal to resurface Killard Drive in Ballyhornan. This is a main road in the village and has never been taken in charge by the Roads Service since it was abandoned by the RAF 25 years ago. NIW have funding approved for this project and a Contractor has been appointed, but they do not propose to bring the road up to the standard where it can be adopted. They propose project design development and make a submission to NIE for power supply to the site along this road. They  propose that works construction will commence after Land Acquisition and Transfer has been secured. It is clear to me that this opportunity must be used to bring the road up to the standard where it can be adopted by the Roads Service.”

Cllr Enright has written to DRD Minister Danny Kennedy highlighting residents concerns on behalf of the Ballyhornan Task Force. “I have alerted the  Minister for Regional Development to this problem , reminding him of his meetings with the Ballyhornan Task Force on the 17 November 2011 locally,  and last year in Parliament Buildings, Stormont on 3 December. We discussed how we could get the roads adopted and have cross-departmental action to ensure the  we successfully addressed roads and other infrastructure on the old RAF bases and surroundings”, said Cadogan Enright.

“I have urged the minister to ensure that the Roads Service and NI Water cooperate with each other in this project and ensure that Killard Drive is brought up to the standard required by Roads Service to allow them to adopt it. I have agreed to represent the Ballyhornan Task Force on Friday in the consultation  meeting at Ardglass Golf Club this coming Friday the 12th, and would encourage anybody interested to attend.” Concluded Cllr Enright


Coney Island typifies lost opportunities at new Ardglass sewerage plant

Councillor Cadogan Enright has encouraged residents from Killough, Coney Island, Chapel Town and Ballyhornan areas to go to the consultation on the new Ardglass sewerage works in Ardglass Golf Club this Friday morning 12th April at 11am.

Tom Conaty, Cllr Cadogan Enright and Declan Clarke in Coney Island

Tom Conaty, Cllr Cadogan Enright and Declan Clarke in Coney Island

Cllr Enright pointed out that “Whilst welcoming the new proposed new facility in Ardglass, the comprehensive scheme recently introduced in North Down and Ards area makes the new Ardglass scheme look feeble. Sewerage no longer flows to the sea from towns in in North Down. Our area is far more dependent on the Tourism industry than North Down, but we are left with a slew of Lecale towns and villages with no proper treatment works. This scheme can only be described as the short end of the stick.”

Following representations from residents in Ballyhornan and Coney Island, I contacted NIWater last month, and project manager Ciaran Grant finally came back to me last Tuesday to confirm that the new plant at Ardtole is being built to handle Ardglass only, with its related fishing industry. There will NOT be additional capacity to handle areas around Coney Island, Killough and the Ballyhornan, Bishops Court and Chapeltown. However It is being constructed in such a way as to allow the 5 other villages be added later – but there are no plans to do this anytime soon”.

Coney Island resident Declan Clarke pointed out that “for years past now, when it rains of the Killough / Ardglass road, our sewerage system overflows onto Coney Island Road. The Coney Island system should be added to the Ardglass scheme. We have every right to expect the same treatment as North Down.”

Ballyhornan resident Barry Mervyn said, “NI Water is constructing a new wastewater ‘preliminary’  screening plant at the bottom of Killard Drive in Ballyhornan. The solid waste will then be trucked to landfill.  While this is a small improvement, it is only a ‘preliminary screening’ facility – falling below even Primary treatment. This is only masking the problem, papering over the cracks. Raw sewerage is still effectively flowing into our waters. The proposal to pump waste to the Ardglass plant appears to have slipped off NIWater’s radar. We expect the same level of environmental protection as North Down.”

Cllr Cadogan Enright said “Local people have been expecting the waste from their villages to be piped to the new sewerage facility for some years, but this will not yet be the case. We need to make our dissatisfaction clear and demand to know when the other areas are to be covered. I will be representing residents in Coney Island as well as the Ballyhornan Task Force at the meeting, and would encourage others from Killough to Killard to come along and represent their areas, or contact me or other elected representatives with their concerns in this matter” concluded Cllr Cadogan Enright


Councilor Cadogan Enright has supported a call from fellow Councilor Robert Burgess for a full report by management at next month’s Environment Committee on Council managements failure to take prosecutions for dumping at Downpatrick’s Heritage Railway system based on witness statements, photographs, maps and people willing to give evidence about the dumping.

From the Left Cllr Cadogan Enright, Tommy Mathers, John Wilson and Cllr Robert Burgess

From the Left Cllr Cadogan Enright, Tommy Mathers, John Wilson and Cllr Robert Burgess

Cllr Enright said, “We now believe that the situation has raised the whole attitude of the department as needing to be brought to committee for attention. The reluctance to prosecute, the apparent belief that patrolling is a substitute for prosecutions, and even the suggestion that patrolling itself is no use as staff wear high-vis uniforms so the dumpers will simply wait till they are out of sight. It almost sounds like this department are trying to do themselves out of a job.”

Cllr Burgess said “I have reviewed this correspondence and note that the department received witness statements from the then Chair of Down Railway accompanied by maps and photographs. The excuses for not pursuing this matter were quite unacceptable. When someone is prepared to write in with supporting materials like this they MUST be taken seriously.”

Cllr Burgess continued “I note that considerable effort was expended by railway representatives to provide the environmental department with the material to take action against the small group of repeat offenders who deposit such a large amount of litter in the car parking areas facing the railway on the right hand side.”

“I note that even at this late stage council officials could take action to trace these individuals, but seem to me making a new round of unacceptable excuses as to why they should not do so. I am insisting that action is now taken to trace the drivers of these vehicles.” Said Cllr Robert Burgess,

“We have a situation here where we know where the offending occurs, know when it occurs, we know several of the regular offenders and their cars of which we have photographs and we have witness statements. It is open for our staff to go down their most evenings and make prosecutions, or follow up on existing good witness statements. The solutions here are very obvious to Robert Burgess and I and we will be expecting answers at our next meeting.” Concluded Cllr Cadogan Enright


Cllr Cadogan Enright at the Marine Reserve in Sheeplands on the Lecale Coast

Cllr Cadogan Enright at the Marine Reserve in Sheeplands on the Lecale Coast

Councillor Cadogan Enright who represents that Lecale Coast and Downpatrick Electoral area has welcomed todays announcement that Northern Ireland Water is finally proposing to undertake a £2.5 million programme of work to upgrade Ardglass Wastewater as part of its capital projects programme.

Councillor Enright said, “the delays in this project have damaged tourism in Ardglass and left waters off Ballyhornan in a deplorable state. The non-availability of sewage systems have prevented normal development of towns and villages along the Lecale Coast.”

“The two main causes of concern are the sewage works at Ardtole on the outskirts of Ardglass on the Western end of the Sheepland Road, and the discharge at Gunns Island off Ballyhornan  at the other end of the Sheepland Area Special Scientific Interest. Both these discharge effluent, that is illegal under EU law, into our local Marine Reserve.” Pointed out Cllr Cadogan Enright.

The Ardtole Treatment Works is located off the Sheepland Road on the outskirts of Ardglass village. Following the recent successful procurement of lands and completion of  assessment, the contract for the project has now been awarded and work is due to start on site in mid-April. Ahead of project commencement, an informal presentation will be made on the project by NI Water is carrying out on Friday 22nd at 11am in Ardglass Golf Club.

“I intend to be at the presentation both to support the project as vital to the future of Ardglass. But I will also attend as a member of the Ballyhornan Task Force to ensure that the piping of waste from Ballyhornan and Chapeltown is included in this project as we have been previously promised. This is an opportunity to clean up our water from Coney Island all the way up to Killard Point” concluded Cllr Cadogan Enright


Councilor Cadogan Enright has hit our against a  year of delays by the Housing Executive in dealing with sewerage leaks from its properties spreading out down Wallace Hill Road in Ballygally.

Housing Executive Create a Stink at Wallace Hill Road Lawrence Kirk and Cllr Cadogan Enright at site of sewerage spill in Wallace Hill Road

Housing Executive Create a Stink at Wallace Hill Road Lawrence Kirk and Cllr Cadogan Enright at site of sewerage spill in Wallace Hill Road

Cllr Enright said, “Local residents have reported this in writing to Environmental Health Officers at the Council who have n turn brought the matter to the attention of the Housing Executive who have been slow to respond. Meanwhile drivers and pedestrians along Wallace Hill road must negotiate filthy conditions that only get worse when it rains”

Local resident Laurence Kirk said “I have contacted the department on many occasions since last year and we are still waiting for action to be taken. Even when there is no rain the pollution can reach right across the road and many meters down the road on one side. It is unpleasant for local residents and also makes cars smell and require a lot more cleaning.”

Cadogan Enright agreed and said, “I have made a formal complaint to the Housing Executive on this matter and they have promised me a report on what they are doing about it. I have also made a formal report of a pollution incident and will expect prosecution of the Housing Executive to follow if they continue to drag their feet in this matter.”

“The days of government agencies feeling they have immunity are over, but many government orgainsations have not yet woken up to this new reality. Statistics in this area have should that most pollution incidents can be traced back to government agencies in recent years. This attitude of license must stop and I will continue to campaign until it does.” Concluded Cll Enright

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