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I found the response of Roads Service and Council to the tidal surge on Friday good in most Lecale Villages WITH 2 EXCEPTIONS
Examining  Storm Debris around houses in Coney Island before high tide1. The Roads Service would not help Coney Island as the road is deemed ‘private’ (this basically means the road is just a track) – the sea wall is partly breached in two places. So it seemed to me that the Council must protect ratepayers in Coney Island before going to the assistance of the Roads Service in other areas – but  they had no assistance on Friday from anyone.   Sadly when I phoned emergency duty manager  Michael Lipsett as the manager in charge of response, he  did not agree, so I have tabled the following NOTICE OF MOTION for the next Council meeting.

“That the Councils emergency plan for dealing with floods and other emergencies will be amended to deal with the protection of ratepayers in areas that other agencies are unable to provide assistance.

For instance Roads Service is unable to provide flood protection to Coney Island during tidal surges. It should therefore be the priority of the Council to ensure that these few areas be attended to first, before going to the assistance of other agencies.”

I spend several hours on Saturday trying to get some bags for Coney Island ahead of Sunday. As of 4pm today I had nothing but expressions of annoyance from the PSNI and the English-based help line that NI Councils were not answering their telephone numbers today ahead of Sundays surge. There were apparently many more like me seeking a few sandbags. I passed on my complaints and these other complaints to council management. Eventually on Saturday evening at 4.34 M Lipsett wrote out acknowledging these complaints and asking people to follow the councils ansafones directions.
In advance of Sunday, I have asked the council to give me sufficient sand bags to fill the two holes at Coney Island  – the first one would take 10 sand bags, and maybe 15 for the second one.
Cllr Enright delivering bags to the Riordan family -  Sandbags arrived a bit late in Strangford 2. Assistance arrived too late Strangford Village and several premises were left flooded out unnecessarily, and then the Roads Service lorry left too early leaving the Council lorry with too few sandbags to satisfy demand – presumably we can get the timings right on Sunday – I have contacted flood relief to make sure there is a more timely response here for the next 2 days especially Sunday.
Displaying Flooding over football fields in KilloughElsewhere, There were plenty of dramatic images with the football pitch at Killough being under water  and the bridge over Station Road between Killough and Ardglass being partly washed away on the Killough side
I was impressed with the Roads Service helping (in particular) Fishermans Row in Killough

January 2014 – Autistic and Learning Disabled fight for a home

CAPAA and Gateway representives visit with Cllr Cadogan Enright

CAPAA and Gateway representives visit with Cllr Cadogan Enright

GATEWAY CLUB for those with learning disabilities

I was able to assist Downpatrick Presbyterian Church in rescuing the Gateway Club at short notice by offering their hall in Fountain Street. The Gateway Club provides a social outlet for adults learning disabilities between 23 and 50 years of age. The South Eastern Trust had closed their facilities without notice.

CAPAA (Children And Parents and Autism)

Similarly  CAPAA  are now being removed from ward 24 at the Downshire. The Trust has not offered any alternative venue for their extensive educational and training work with children and adults, which offers a few crucial respite hours for carers.

I took Moira Denvir of CAPAA and Mary McCargo of GATEWAY to meet the financial decision makers at the Trust, and it was clear that the Trust itself was not clear on how a situation like this could have arisen. This has triggered an internal investigation that is continuing.

Meanwhile, do you know of an underused or dilapidated building in Downpatrick and District with an outside area that could be restored as a garden for fruit and vegetables that could be used by CAPAA? Contact Joanne 07885519469 or Moira at 07999525323, 

Gateway Christmas bash a great success

Gateway Christmas bash a great success

Jan 2&7 2014 Downe Hospital A & E protest

Jan 2&7 2014 A raft of letters sent to all the regional and National papers

Down Councillor Cadogan Enright had protest letters published in Irish News, Belfast Telegraph and Irish Times. Also a reported sighting in the Newsletter – still looking for that one – see link to 2 versions of this letter here
The full uncut full version was published in Down News at








25th December – No Christmas present at ASDA


The attached picture shows the location of the blocked footpath as well as the ‘new’ footpath whose reopening is sought by staff, shopper and the retailers themselves at the shopping complex.

The attached picture shows the location of the blocked footpath as well as the ‘new’ footpath whose reopening is sought by staff, shopper and the retailers themselves at the shopping complex.

Downpatrick Councillor Cadogan Enright has declared himself ‘totally exasperated’ with Belfast Estate Agent Colliers in their failure to respond to both public demand, and to the commercial necessity to open up a pedestrian route into the ADSA complex in Downpatrick in the run up to Christmas.

Cllr Enright said “Following the blocking of the pedestrian entrance to the ASDA shopping complex over 2 years ago, I have had meetings and lengthy correspondence with Belfast estate agent Colliers to open a new path supported by ASDA, MacDonalds and other traders.

“Despite overwhelming public demand to reopen one of these two footpaths onto the site, retail park management are still refusing to budge.

“Rathkelter planning office has indicated that a fee of £249 is all that is required to re-instate a walkway. Planners noted that pedestrians would have to brave far fewer cars with one of these footpaths, as unlike the existing pedestrian crossing, they would not have to stop car access to the ASDA petrol station.

“Staff working in the complex are very annoyed over the on-going situation that sees them scaling the wall daily. The general public are hopping over the blocking wall day and daily where they are fit enough to do so and don’t have buggies or lots of shopping.

I am writing to MLA’s and MP’s to see if they can intervene on this matter, as it is clear that planners, retailers, staff in the retail complex and the population of Downpatrick and District all support the need for this path.

Colliers and the Landlord need to listen to local people whose custom this Christmas underlies the economic success of this retail park.


Cllr Cadogan Enright at Fairways in Strangford Village

Cllr Cadogan Enright at Fairways in Strangford Village

Cadogan is campaigning for Social Housing for young families in Strangford Village. Local families are being priced out of the market by mostly Belfast based holiday homers. With lack of employment opportunities locally, may are emigrating.

Cadogans campaign is supported by St Joseph’s Primary School and the Strangford Community Association

Cllr Cadogan Enright said “With over 20 local families on the Housing List in Strangford, I was suprised when the new Housing executive proposals to the town was met with a bit of NIMBYism is some quarters.”

“Firstly, I am not happy that some people have opposed this scheme from the point of view it involves ‘social housing’. There are over 20 local Strangford families on the housing list, and it is essential that locals are accommodated in the village at a time of unemployment, emigration with lack of availability of mortgages and borrowing capability to buy houses in the village.

“The school is at the lower level of what would be considered sustainable, and we need families and children in the village not only for this reason, but also to support local shops, clubs, church and the social fabric of the village. Weekend visitors cannot replace local families in this way.

Strangford Village Social Housing - with extra houses and 'planning gain' for local residents

Strangford Village Social Housing – with extra houses and ‘planning gain’ for local residents

“Secondly, I do recognise that some people in the Links and Fairways have reservations about more traffic being forced down the narrow access road to Links and Fairways. I do see this as a real problem. As a result I have proposed an alternative plan to the Housing Executive which I have put on the back of the leaflet I attach below. My proposed amendments to the plan proposed for the new Housing Association are shown in blue.

“Lastly, I do recognise that there is room for up to 6 or 8 brownfield units in the village centre in areas that are underused or derelict. However I consider this to me a matter of ‘and’ rather than ‘or’. I have asked the Housing Executive officers to come and look at these properties too.

I circulated my ideas around the village in a leaflet, and attached a diagram on the back of it for easy understanding – this was very well received by the great majority of people across the Village.


Dec 4 2013 Ardglass and Killough parents seek equality

An astonishing case of 1970’s style discrimination against children between 4 to 11 years of age whose only crime is to speak Gaelic.

Unionist politician John McAllister has agreed to sponsor this case to the Civil Service Ombudsman, again demonstrating why he is held in such high regard by both sides of the Community

Dec 4 2013 b Ardfglass Development Association and lecale farmers celebrate new Hi-tech energy initiative

Dec 4 2013 b Ardfglass Development Association and lecale farmers celebrate new Hi-tech energy initiative by CadoganEnrightThis article gives more detail on the way in which the Lecale energy project is being developed


nov 20 2013 Ardglass Sewage Scheme downgrade triggers Cllr Cadogan Enright to bid to have ‘Gold Coast’ standards for Lecale Beaches

Following the downgrading of Ardglass sewage works, and its failure to include Killough, Coney Island, Chapeltown and Ballyhornan – Cllr Cadogan Enright took months of ‘freedom of information’ requests to find out what was going on.  After a 6 month chain of freedom of information requests to various agencies, Cllr Enright finally got to the bottom of why North Down ‘Gold Coast’ Beaches have the highest levels of protection from NI Water dumping sewage on them whereas our local Lecale Beaches have the lowest standards and NI Water can do what it pleases. From Kilclief beach, to Killard, to Ballyhornan Beach and all the beaches to MInerstown – our coast has no protection.
In summary NI Water believe “There are a number of bathing waters identified under the Bathing Water Directive along the Gold Coast. These include Helen’s Bay, Crawfordsburn, Ballyholme, Groomsport and Millisle. There are currently no designated bathing waters along the Lecale Coast”.
It was eventually revealed that ‘Gold Coast’ beaches were all given EU Bathing Water Directive protection – but all Lecale beaches up to Tyrella were not.

Cllr Enright therefore proposes that Down Council Should apply for protection for its beaches under the EU Bathing water directive and force NI Water to stop dumping sewage on our local beaches

nov 20 m2013 designated bathing water a by CadoganEnright

nov 20 2013 designated bathing water b by CadoganEnright


nov 13 2013 Cllr Enright exposes SDLP on clean beaches, rights of way and roads access to Downpatrick and Downe Hospital Campus

nov 13 2013 from clean beaches, to rights of way and access to our hospital SDLP EXPOSED BY Cllr Cadogan Enright

This letters deals with SDLP errors on Rights of Way especially in Ballyculter

BUT ALSO making it clear that the SDLP are wrong to oppose connecting the Ardglass Road, the Hospital and Public Sector Jobs Campus to the Ballyduggan Road using the waste ground at the back of Dunleath park and the Cinema.

The future of this vital economic hub could be secure as no-one could say that they were not connected to vital roads infrastructure.
The SDLP are totally at sea on local infrastructure despite being in power for 30 years.

oct 9a 2013 Gateway Club left without a home

oct 9a 2013 Cadogan Enright seeks new home for Gateway club 'turfed out' by SE Trust

Cllr Cadogan Enright contacted 4 different groups on the evening that the Gateway Clubs premises was closed without notice – but succeeded in finding a home for the Club with the Downpatrick Presbyterian Church 2 weeks following this