– Campaign for the Downe Hospital and Public Sector Campus on the Ardglass Road

 Councillor Cadogan Enright has been campaigning for the Downe, Health Service in Down District and the new Public Sector Campus at the Downshire Estate for many years – see history of campaign at this link

  For regular updates on this campaign – see this link

Note that our local hospital was held to be an excellent example of the ‘hub and spoke model’ under the Bengoa Report and is clinically assessed by the SE Trust as requiring a 24 hour A/E but this has been downgraded doe to lack of staff


Campaign Update December 2013

Voluntary Sector Under Attack by Bureaucrats in SE Trust

CAPAA and Gateway representives with Cllr Cadogan Enright
CAPAA and Gateway representives with Cllr Cadogan Enright

One might have assumed that Octobers dumping of the Gateway Club by the SE Trust out on the street was a once-off error.

Not so, now the Estates Department are throwing CAPAA out of ward 24  at the Downe. CAPAA supports children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and their parents/carers.

In an average week they have 60 to 70 young people using the facility supported by a fantastic voluntary team – see www.capaa.co.uk

It was clear that there is a pattern going on here, and needs to be investigated. This month I took Mary McCargo of Gateway and Moira Denvir to visit the SE Trusts financial commissioning team – no part of the SE Trusts services can compete with the voluntary sector in delivering top-class services, this was clear to the commissioning team. An investigation about what is going on in the Trust continues.

Campaign Update November 2013

Cllr Enright exposes SDLP on clean beaches, rights of way and roads access to Downpatrick and Downe Hospital Campus

click here Cllr Cadogan Enright says it is clear that the SDLP are wrong to oppose connecting the Ardglass Road, the Hospital and Public Sector Jobs Campus to the Ballyduggan Road using the waste ground at the back of Dunleath park and the Cinema.

The future of this vital economic hub could be secure as no-one could say that they were not connected to vital roads infrastructure. Good connections to the West are essential.

The SDLP are totally at sea on local infrastructure despite being in power for 30 years.

Campaign Update October 2013

Gateway Club for Adults with Learning Disabilities left without a home by the SE Trust

Gateway Club put out on the street with no notice
Gateway Club put out on the street with no notice


Cllr Cadogan Enright worked to help Gateway Club leader Mary McCargo a new home after they were put out with no notice. see front page article

Cadogan called 4 different groups on the night Gateway found their centre closed. click here

Cllr Cadogan Enright was able to help the Gateway Club find a new home in the Presbyterian Hall in Fountain Street Downpatrick see link        and link to Down Recorder Editorial



Campaign Update September 2013 

Cadogan succeeds in getting key hospital access road investigated by Ombudsman

sept 11 a 2013 Edward St Ombudsman by CadoganEnrightAccess for ambulances and the public is regularly blocked on the main road though Downpatrick for traffic approaching from the Belfast direction. After months of effort with support from the Ambulance and Fire service and Translink and local residents and parents, Cadogan finally gets the Ombudsman to examine why Roads Service discontinued the one way system that was working so well.

     SEE LINK TO FULL STORY  other relevent links here and here

Campaign Update July/August 2013


3rd July Down Recorder gives Cllr Enright a platform to call out Roads Service
Down Recorder gives Cllr Enright a platform to call out Roads Service

Following an article by the Roads Service in the Down Recorder claiming Downpatrick was not congested, Cadogan is given a half page to point out what all the reports on Downpatrick have said on the subject, and how this has affected economic employment and the location of public sector jobs – especially at the Downshire.

see link here 




Campaign Update June 2013 

Cadogan brings campaign to get decent Bus Transport between bus station and Hospital to Council

22th May Bid to improve bus service to the Down ComplexAt this months Council meeting Cllr Enright with backing from Cllr Curran passed a motion for Council to support the idea of a shuttle-bus operating on the same legal basis as the shuttle bus that serves the Gasworks estate in Belfast.  see link here

Cadogan has vowed to continue with this campaign until he succeed with it, saying “apart from the fact that it is the right thing to do, and that NHS guidelines clearly indicate that there should be such a service – I am doing this in memory of Dick Shannon of Ardglass who gave me the confidence to pursue this campaign year after year”


Campaign Update May 2013 

Public Sector Jobs Success for the Downe Campus

As Chairperson of the Downe Public Sector Jobs Task force – Cadogan says months of hard work is starting to bear fruit

see link to good news here

Campaign Update April 2013 

Mental Health Business Case Challenged in Council

At the monthly Council meeting the South Eastern Trust made a presentation on the business case for moving acute mental health facilities to the Ulster Hospital. Cllr Enright spoke out see link here to criticism of business case.  Cllr Enright is both a qualified accountant and is a member of the Trusts LCG charged with commissioning services on a ‘value for money’ basis.

Campaign Update looking forward through 2013 

Cllr Cadogan Enright on the scene as the old surgery in Pound lane burnsAre there any positives for 2013 from the dereliction spreading via empty Health Trust buildings across Downpatrick?

Here I publish my views about what we can  to bring life back to derelict Trust buildings in Downpatrick back to life, benefiting the NHS and Trust, the taxpayer and the people of Downpatrick

There is much that can be done, and I intend to try my best to achieve it

Click here for the way forward


Campaign Update March 2013 

Mental Health Business Case Challenged in Council

At this months Council meeting I challenged SE Trust representititives on the business case for Mental Health, which appears very weak in the following manner;

The move of acute Mental  Health from the newly built premises in Downpatrick will require, in addition to the cost of the new build on the Ulster site, £1.3 Million a year more to run.

I understand that that the South Western Health Trust has rejected the suggestion that acute mental health has to be located beside a 24 hour A&E. There is no explanation in your business case as to why we have a pre-determined outcome to this consultation based on this premise. There are no figures demonstrating that these patients have even an irregular need for such access to A/E.

It is generally accepted that ingress and exit from the Ulster site is already at its logistical limit, and that parking problems at the Ulster are beyond critical

We are all aware that the A/E at the Ulster has been experiencing long delays for many months, and that these problems are not happening at the Down 24-hour service?

Why is the Trust centralising services on such an unsuitable site? The majority of patients in this Trust area would find the Belfast Trust location more convenient than the Ulster. Most patients and relatives will have to pass the Belfast service to get to the Ulster.

The aim of the overall policy was to put an acute mental health facility in each Trust area. The effect of your proposal is to put two facilities in Belfast and none in the real Geography of our Trust area.

This appears to be a case of the over-bloated centre changing the rules to suit a pre-determined outcome in defiance of any economic or social bases.  This cannot be good for the Trust, and cannot be good for our patients.

Campaign Update February 2013 

Dick Shannon slams the South Eastern Trust over public Transport
Dick Shannon with Cadogan and his wife Brenda


Dick Shannon slams the South Eastern Trust over public Transport


Campaign Update January 2013 

Dermot Curran and Cadogan Enright strive for bus transport solutions 9th Jan 2012
Dermot Curran and Cadogan Enright strive for bus transport solutions 9th Jan 2012

Cllrs Dermon Curran and Cadogan Enright combine to improve bus services to the Downe 

Dermot Curran and Cadogan Enright strive for bus transport solutions 9th Jan 2012



Campaign Update December 2012 

Cllr Enright and Cllr Curran propose ‘Notice of Motion’

Councilors Cadogan Enright and Dermot Curran have put a ‘Notice of Motion’ to council to mandate Council management to work vigorously with Translink and the Health Trust to bring public transport to the new Downeshire complex and hospital to acceptable levels.

Cllr Cadogan Enright pointed out  “We have been approached by large numbers of people saying that the Downshire site is a 30-minute uphill walk from the Bus Station for a fit person. Many of the people attending Doctors Surgeries are elderly, sick or have no access to private cars.”

Cllr Curran agreed and said “This is borne out by the results of a survey by GP’s operating at one of the new GP surgeries at the down with many adverse comments from patients like;

“direct bus service non-existent” … “my worst problem is transport”  . . .”not convenient, no transport, have to depend on neighbors” … “bus service no good, almost no buses”.

Campaign Update November 2012 

Knocknashinna bus must access Hospital site to get a good service
Knocknashinna bus must access Hospital site to get a good service


Cllr Enright wins right to review new PSNI station plans – finds no custody suite and no access for local knocknashinna bus 12th dec 2012 

Knocknashinna bus must access Hospital site to get a good service for the Hospital – pressure brought to bear on planning service


Campaign Update October 2012

Failure of Roads Service on one way systems blocks ambulance service on route to hospital
Failure of Roads Service on one way systems blocks ambulance service on route to hospital

Roads Access to Downe

Failure of Roads Service on one way systems blocks ambulance service on route to hospital


Campaign Update September 2012

Ambulance Service, Fire Service and Translink all support one way system
Ambulance Service, Fire Service and Translink all support one way system

Ambulance Service, Fire Service and Translink all want one-way system to Hospital 

The temporary one-way system at the start of the year was a tremendous success, and in doing away with it the Road Service failed to take account of the widespread support for the experiment


Campaign Update August 2012 


Roads Service Damaging New Downe Campus  Councilor Cadogan Enright has challenged the Roads Service to explain their inaction is supporting the long-term development of Downpatrick, and why it is failing to deliver even on key infrastructural projects that are funded by Third Parties    see link to story



Campaign Update July 2012 

Bus Service to Downe becomes more urgent with GP’s surgeries moving to Downe

Cadogan Enright pointed out that “Arising from a previous Community Health Committee campaign we succeeded in getting the ‘Flying Horse’ mini-bus to take in the hospital last year 6 times a day. But this level of public transport is totally inadequate and not consistent with NHS guidelines for either staff or patients.    see link to story

Campaign Update June 10th 2012 

Cllr Enright Makes Presentation to LCG committee of South Eastern Trust

As part of my role on the LCG in reviewing how money is spent, I made the following challenging presentation to shift the emphasis in the South Eastern Trust Area to a cheaper, more sustainable approach to Transport.   see presentation here

Campaign Update May 6th 

Down Community Health Committee Meets Ulsterbus in Downpatrick

Down Comminty Health campaigner Dick Shannon and Cllr Cadogan Enright at Downpatrick Bus Station
Down Community Health campaigner Dick Shannon and Cllr Cadogan Enright at Downpatrick Bus Station



At meeting last week organised by Cllr Cadogan Enright between the Downe Community Health Committee and  Downpatrick Ulsterbus manager Gary Mawhinney  discussed public transport to the new Downe Hospital see link to story here




Campaign Update April 2012

Translink backs need for one-way system in Edward Street

Access to hospital damaged by withdrawal of one-way system – click here for story

Ambulance and Bus unable to move on Edward Street and mounting the pavement
Ambulance and Bus unable to move on Edward Street and mounting the pavement
Traffic Chaos on route to hospital with vechicles mounting the pavements and Childrend an parents having to dodge out of the way
Traffic Chaos on route to hospital with vechicles mounting the pavements and Childrend an parents having to dodge out of the way









Campaign Update March 2012

Health Committee Meeting 15th March 2012

Excellent meeting of Council Health Committee with a lot of useful work covered. I was able to supply statistics to Council Management to assist in promotion of Downe.l

Campaign Update February 2012


Overall, the proposal represents a fudge, which will not achieve its stated objectives, and will fail to achieve what appears to be at least a potential for £4 million annual additional revenue savings to provide for better front-line services.  The consultation document also envisages considerable capital expenditure which would not be required were the original 2008 2 centre configuration for shared services to be implemented in Downpatrick and Belfast.

see link to document here

February 16th 2011 – Heath Committee meeting at council

At this meeting there were 2 presentations – one from the LCG of which I was a new member and from Norman Walker on organ donations – the councillors present supported Mr Walkers concept of moving to an ‘opt-out’ basis for organ donations to ensure that the waiting list can be rapidly reduced.

Campaign Update January 2012

Cllr Cadogan Enright joins South Eastern Trusts ‘Local Commissioning Group’
Cadogan Enright welcomed this opportunity to influence how local decisions in the Health Service are made. “The Health Service in N.Ireland needs to change structurally to be effective in the future with an ageing population, new treatments and more effective organisational pathways being created to treat patients”. At my first meeting I was asked to draft and LCG document on the BSO proposal based on my experience with shared service centres, and drafted the LCG document on the 9th and 14th for approval.

7th January 2011

I met with Gerry McBride and spent several hours working though the BSO document, bringing my experience of shared service centres to bear and sharing ideas for the councils own submission.

Campaign Update December 2011


On the 6th December 2011 support staff at the Downe hospital in Downpatrick were shocked to be told that a new consultation document proposed moving their jobs to Ballymena. I heard about it on the 7th and contacted all other councillors and Management at the Council to warn them the same day.  The Staff called a meeting/ Press briefing in the Boardroom, Downshire Hospital, on Tuesday 13th December 2011. We addressed the issue at Council on the 19th December and authorised Gerry McBride to put together a submission on behalf of the council.

Health Committee Meeting 17th November 2011

There was an excellent presentation by the MacMillan Trust on Cancer Care and the committee took steps to practically support them via distribution of their leaflets and on the Councils website. Our new Health Strategy Document was also discussed.

Health Committee Meeting 20th October 2011

Local Pharmacy representatives made a presentation on the consultation on reorganisation of this sector. My proposal to reflect some of the points that they were making in our own consultation response was accepted by those present, especially savings possible by allowing pharmacists to issue generic drugs, act as a ‘front line’ medical resource and especially manage wastage of over-prescribed drugs. My estimate that savings in this area exceed by a factor of 2 or 4 any cutback on supporting local  community pharmacies and should be looked at first. MLA John McAllister also reported to us on his meeting with the Minister.

September and October 2011 meeting with Community Representatives

The judicial review of the A&E and Mental Health changes supported by the Council was discussed.
Community representatives echoed my feeling that when the SDLP councillors voted down the chance to take a judicial review last year we had ‘missed the boat’ on the legal opportunity to tackle this issue (see September 1st 2010 below). Respected community voices like Eamonn McGrady and Dick Shannon essentially said that the council were 6 months too late for this judicial review to have any effect.  .

Health Committee Meeting 18th August 2011

SE Trust managent made a presentation on the operation of the new A&E facility at the Downe. There was also a discussion on the success of the local Midwifery-led unit and what we could do to sustain and grow this excellent service.

Health Committee Meeting of 16th June 2011

This was the first meeting after I was re-elected fro the Downpatrick Lecale areas in May. We agreed to hold a half-day workshop to put together a strategy policy to help us focus our efforts. I requested that local community groups and employee representatives were included in this workshop. I also queried DUP representatives present on the 2-year delay in appointing local MLA Jim Wells as Health Minister and voiced widespread concern locally that this presaged possible bad news locally.

Health Committee meetings March 2011

Ambulance service makes presentation. There were 2 health committee meetings in March ’11 on 16th and the 30th. Issues investigated were funding for ‘Homestart’, the status of X-rays in the Downe area to ensure our area did not have x-ray error problems occuring elsewhere in the province and the Ambulance Service made a presentation about the re-configuration of their service following changes to A&E at the Downe. WE also had a presentaion from Prof Graham Page on A&E in Scotland to see if we could glean any learnings for Co. Down.

My request that we write to the Trust seeking an Eating Disorder Clinic to be established at the Downe was supported, on the basis that there was no centre of expertise in NI, that local people had to travel to Britain or the South for treatment and that the Downpatrick area had long been a centre of excellence in mental health.

Campaign Update March 30th 2011

MLA candidate Cllr Cadogan Enright has demanded that the Deputy First Minister Martin McGuiness provide the same guarantees to the Downe Hospital as he has provided for Altnagalvin Hospital in Derry.

Click here to read more



Campaign Update March 9th 2011

Businesses’ in Downpatrick are displaying their support for a fully featured A&E unit at the New Downe Hospital.

Cllr Cadogan Enright said, “As a member of the Downe Community Health Committee I am delighted at the overwhelming support received from the business community in this campaign”

Click here to read more!

Campaign Update Feb 28th 2011

“I attended this meeting with other Downe Community Health Committee members. Dick Shannon spoke very well, he really is a true champion of the people. Trust members themselves were woeful in their failure to challenge their managements statements on recruitment. Remarkably the Chief Executive said that the other trusts in Northern Ireland had more than one a-grade A&E unit to staff. I noted that our local trust will now have only one – but the other Trusts around northern Ireland are not currently proposing to reduce their A&E services based on inability to recruit doctors.” Cllr Cadogan Enright

Campaign Update Feb 17th 2011

“I had a long list of questions for the trust as did a number of other councillors. I was disappointed that some councillors either did not attend or did not stay for the full length of the meeting. Members of the Downe Community Health Committee were in attendance in the visitors’ gallery, and it was good that they were there to keep an eye on what our local politicians are up to on this matter. In particular the unsupportive stance of the UUPs Eddy Rea who seems to make a virtue of Thatcherite economics as adversely applied to his own local area – it’s no wonder he is not standing for election again!!

I also established that there is no eating disorder clinic in Northern Ireland, but a business case exists for one that the Trust’s management had seen. I had it agreed that the council will formally write to the Trust requesting that a N.I eating disorder clinic be established in the new Downe Hospital to serve the whole of the province.” Cllr Cadogan Enright.

Campaign Update Dec 1st 2010


Click on the link below to read the statement read out by retired councillor Bill Corry on behalf of Cadogan Enright at the recent South Eastern Health and Social Care Trusts Board Meeting.

Cllr Cadogan Enrights Statement – Click here

Campaign Update November 23rd 2010

Green Party Motion Passes at Council

Commenting on the success of this motion Cllr Cadogan Enright said, “My “Notice of Motion” won all party support last night, empowering Council management to work with Translink, the Trust and relevent parties invloved in developing the ‘Public Sector Jobs Campus’ beside our new hospital to work together towards a shuttle bus serving the greater Downshire site. Good to see everyone working together again. Traffic congestion and lack of public transport must not be allowed to develop and inhibit the Hospital from fullfilling its “enhanced” role serving the province as a whole. I would also feel that we have the wrong site for the Velodrome, if it were sited in the lands behind the hospital, it would facilitate a new section of the South Eastern by-pass, the only bit of which is in place is the section directly in front of the hospital.”

Campaign Update October 29th 2010

On Monday 25th prior to the council meeting Cllr Cadogan Enright attended a very productive meeting between management, SF, DUP, the SDLP and consultants on how the council can contribute more effectively to the hospital campaign. Several of the ideas proposed by Eamonn McGrady and DCHC back in June/July were finally moved forward.

The Down Recorder and Mourne Observer both carried headlines on the major arguement amongst councillors at the council meeting. This argument incidentally had its origins in the criticism of SDLP collegues in holding back cross-community and cross party action for several months (see post of 16th Sept below). This degenerated into personal abuse of a racist nature towards Green Party Cllr Cadogan Enright and now SF are seeking a public apology for same, hence the headlines today.

However, behind the headlines on the hospital campaign we believe SF, DUP, the SDLP and the Green party are working together constructively. It is a pity that the UUP councillors do not back up their own MLA John McAllister on this issue.

Campaign Update October 1st 2010

Cllr Cadogan Enright has submitted a notice of motion to the Down District Council in support of a shuttle bus to the Downe.

Cllr Enright said, “I have continued with the campaign for a proper shuttle bus-service up to the Hospital form the bus-station as we need such a service anyway for our new Downpatrick Public Service Jobs Campus that we are planning on the old Downshire site beside the new hospital. I am putting this as a formal notice of motion to the next full council meeting.”

“This council welcomes the start of the bus-service to the New Down Hospital as the beginning of a sustainable transport system that could enhance employment in Down District in the new ‘Public Sector Employment Campus’ as well as enable people from different parts of the district and NI as a whole to use the new hospital. The council authorises Management to renew negotiations with the Trust and with Translink to get a 15-minute shuttle-bus to the hospital and the Downshire site where it is planned that the Fire Service, PSNI, Ambulance Service as well as the council itself will be located together as the kernel of the new campus. This will assist the attraction of decentralised public sector jobs to the Downshire and enable a sustainable transport approach and help avoid congestion though the town. Council management will also request the trust to remove the 16 meters of curb pushed into the entrance of the road at the hospital that prevents a normal sized bus servicing the new hospital.”

To read the full press release Click Here.

Campaign Update September 23rd 2010

Councillor Cadogan Enright welcomed that announcement that Translink has acceded to the Green Party’s campaign to have a bus-stop outside the new Hospital entrance for the Downpatrick Town Bus service to use from 4th October next.
Cadogan got cross-party support for this at a recent council meeting and council management were tasked with re-negotiating with Translink and the Trust. It was confirmed to Cadogan live on Talkback with Wendy Austin on Friday last that the town bus is now planned to go to the hospital entrance, from the 4th of October. We are continuing to campaign with the Trust to facilitate Translink in having a 15-minute shuttle service similar to that in the Royal in Belfast”.

To read the full press release click here.


Campaign Update September 15th 2010

Following the publication of this article on Weds 15th by the Down Recorder, councillors met that evening approved a hard-hitting cross-party response to proposals from the South Eastern Health Trust to Downgrade services at the local Downe Hospital.
The document was prepared following a meeting between party leaders on Monday 13th following a three month campaign by Councillor Cadogan Enright to get the local political parties to meet and agree a common approach on the issue.
Cadogan Enright said “We finally succeeded in getting a meeting of party leaders following support from Jim Wells of the DUP and Micky Coogan of Sinn Fein. This allowed us to move forward a crossparty approach to the Trusts proposals and authorize council management and Chief Executive John Dumigan to take whatever steps are necessary to make a tough response. Council management were also authorized to meeting with the Downe Community Health campaign leaders to ensure they had dealt with all issues in their response.”

To view the councils submission, green party submission and press statement click here

To view the press cutting click here

Campaign Update September 13th 2010

Council finally adopt cross-party approach and finally agree to consult Down Community Helath Committee

Monday 13th September 2pm – a three month campaign by Councillor Cadogan Enright finally succeeded today with a meeting of party leaders to move forward a crossparty approach to the Trusts proposals and authorise council management to take whatever steps are necessary to make a tough response. This response was supported by S.F and the D.U.P. and is being drafted for an emergency meeting of council next Wednesday evening at 6pm.

To read the full press release click here

Campaign Update September 8th 2010

Local Doctors Expose Trust

Following the leaking of a hard-hitting response by Doctors to the South Eastern Health Trust proposals on the accident and emergency unit in Downpatrick Hospital, Cllr Cadogan Enright demanded the withdrawal of the Trusts Proposals.
Cadogan Enright said “The coordinated response by the majority of GP’s operating in the Downpatrick, Crossgar, Killileagh, Newcastle, Dundrum and Ardglass areas makes it clear that local experienced medical professionals regard the Trusts “preferred option” for Downpatricks A&E department as both unsafe and unsustainable with no precedent anywhere in N.I.’s Health system. And these are the people the Trust are expecting to run their preferred option.”

To read the full press release click here

To read the leaked consultation response document click here

To read the press cutting click here

Campaign Update September 1st 2010

Cllr Enright calls for cross-party motion on Council response

Resulting from the SDLP refusal to support a cross-party motion , council management were unable to prepare a fully featured response to the Trust involving (for example) medical recruitment agencies to shoot down the Trust’s allegation that it is impossible to recruit staff and thus A+E would have to be downgraded etc.

Cllr Enright has called for an emergency meeting of the 6 party leaders on council to see if this impasse can be resolved. Cadogan remains highly critical of the SDLP’s stance in publicly opposing the Trust whilst creating obstacles to real opposition to the Trust’s proposals ‘behind the scenes’- even blocking council management from coordinating their response with the Down Community Health Committee.

To read the press cuttings click below:

Parties disagree over council submission


Trust accused of ‘smoozing Council

Campaign Update August 25th 2010


Cllr Cadogan Enright attended a Board meeting of the South Eastern Health Trust in Newtownards at where Lisburn City Council were given an opportunity to put forward the case for transferring services to Lagan Valley.


Campaign Update August 23rd 2010


Astonishingly Down District Council had no submission ready for the last council meeting the Monday before the official responses have to be in. Councillors and management were left scrambling for a last-minute response thanks to the opposition of the SDLP to a cross-party approach to the councils submission.


Campaign Update August 18th 2010


Cllr Enright updated the Downe Community Health Committee (DCHC) on the Facebook campaign launched and maintained by Barry Magee and Mark McCormick, to which over 1800 mostly younger people have signed.

DCHC leaders Eamonn McGrady and Dick Shannon commented at the meeting that this was a vital new development and they needed the skills of the younger generation to reach the thousands of people in the District who now used ‘new media’.

Cllr Enright was then asked to approach Barry and Mark to see if they would agree to have their Facebook campaign become the official online campaign of the DCHC, to which they agreed.

To join the Facebook campaign click here:
Save Downe Hospital’s 24-hour Accident & Emergency (A&E) Services


Campaign Update August 18th 2010



To read the article click here

Campaign Update August 14th 2010


A proposal for a shuttle-bus to the Downe Hospital from Downpatrick bus station by Councillor Cadogan Enright at a meeting of Down District Council on August 10th met with cross-party support.


To read the press cutting click here

Campaign Update August 10th 2010

Cllr Cadogan Enright invited and reserved seats at the Down District Council for leading members of the Downe Community Health Committee to witness the councils meeting with the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust. He attached a personal account of the meeting here – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

The Downe Community Health Campaign veteran, Dick Shannon seemed to be happy with what Cllr Enright asked on their behalf and Cllr Enright has promised to get them a copy of the minutes of the meeting.

Campaign Update July 7th 2010


AS the new Downe hospital in Downpatrick was being officially opened by Health Minister Michael McGimpsey, Cllr Cadogan Enright joined the cross community protest held outside which was organised by the Downe Community Health Committee.


Campaign Update June 23rd 2010


Cllr Enright had a letter published in the Mourne Observer which expressed his disappointment at the attitude of the SDLP and asking them to join the other parties in the Council in supporting the community campaign.


To read the letter click here

To read the Down Recorder letter click here

Campaign Update June 12th 2010


Downpatrick councillor Cadogan Enright condemned Trust management as “incompetent and unfit to run any organisation, let alone the hospitals within the trust area.”


Campaign Update June 7th 2010


Cllr Enright at the Downe Hospital

Cllr Cadogan Enright stated that he had been informed by staff at the Downe Hospital of a new proposal from the SEHSCT (South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust) to close the new 25 bed acute psychiatric assessment unit at the Downe.


Campaign Update June 2nd 2010


Cllr Enright said “The Downpatrick area need sto maintain its status as a centre of excellence for mental care services. It will be a massive loss to the county if this strategic employment base is lost”

To read more click here

Campaign Update May 24th 2010


Protest at hospital

DOWN Councillor Cadogan Enright has made a protest to the NI Assembly Heath Committee on its first visit to the new Downe Hospital in Downpatrick. He issued committee members with a letter calling on a “fair chance” for the hospital to establish itself.The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust has responded to Councillor Enright protest.


Campaign Update April 12th 2010


Westminster Candidate Cllr Cadogan Enright slammed the “pretend politics” of the four party coalition at the Stormont Executive on Health Services.


Campaign Update April 2010

Bus Stop at Hospital

Rural Community Network Director Pat Ward has called for a rethink of the decision not to have the town bus stop outside the door of the new Down Hospital.

Councillor Cadogan Enright has supported Pat for this service.