Traffic Chaos with vechicles mounting the pavements and Children and parents having to dodge out of the way
Traffic Chaos with vechicles mounting the pavements and Children and parents having to dodge out of the way

Councillor Cadogan Enright has welcomed support from Translink for the campaign by local people to have a one-way system on Edward Street in Downpatrick.

In a letter of support to Councillor Enright, Gary Mawhinney, Ulsterbus Manager in Downpatrick and Newcastle District said “Ulsterbus operate school buses along this road for the primary school. We have encountered numerous issues on this street due to excessive traffic, inconsiderate parking and narrow road width. On average we are involved in two significant accidents in this vicinity each year and numerous ‘near-misses’. Our drivers encounter difficulties on a daily basis at school times but particularly each afternoon when traffic is at its peak”.

Cllr Enright said, “I welcome this intervention by Translink in the debate. The temporary one-way system at the start of the year was a tremendous success, and in doing away with it the Road Service failed to take account of the widespread support for the experiment. This support on the ground is evidenced in hundreds of signatures in support of a continuation of the experiment on a permanent basis. The Road Service consultation canvassed only for negative reactions, supplying a stamped addressed envelope and only got 25 objections to the one-way system being continued.”

Cllr Cadogan Enright said “The ambulance service has also said to me that it is writing in support seeking a one-way system along Edward Street. Ambulance service employees have voiced their  concerns to me about access to the Downe Hospital and ambulances being delayed by the ongoing regular chaos”.

Our Lady and Saint Patrick schools’ traffic crossing attendant Jim Sturgeoner said “A one way system is the only way to resolve the traffic chaos. Last Friday was a nightmare with traffic from both directions at one stage backed up out of sight for over 30 minutes. This has to be resolved before the new school year.”

“Downpatrick Councillors will be meeting with the Roads Service next week again to press this case”. Concluded Cllr Cadogan Enright