in the 2023 Council election I was re-elected as part of a strong 5-person team of Alliance Councillors with MLA Patrick Brown acting as my election agent. Patrick and I worked together to deliver my local government manifesto   Restore Downpatrick as our Unchallenged County Town. 

Five Councillors and an MLA - great progress!
Five Councillors and an MLA – great progress!

Myself and my 5 colleagues can be contacted though our MLA’s offices at Market Lane in the centre of Downpatrick where we lead the fight-back against the Newry-based parties to  Restore Downpatrick as our Unchallenged County Town.

We also have an office in Warrenpoint in the aptly-named Meeting Street.

These links will take you to my Facebook page and profile where you will see our team continuing to work day and daily for the people of Downpatrick and the Lecale Coast, North to Rowallane and Strangford Lough and South to the Mournes and Carlingford Lough.

 The campaigns you see on this website mostly go back before Facebook to  the 2007 to 2011 Council term and again from 2011 up to 2012. Since March 2019 I have been testing software that sends my current Facebook posts to this site – see below – It’s limited to the last dozen or so posts and I have been working on how to keep a larger number of these posts on the website.

You can contact me at cadogan@enright.ie

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Was at Mullugh Quay on a beautiful morning to launch your canoe here!

Great to be out with Michelle Guy Strangford and Nick Mathison MLA today to tour the new boundaries of the new Strangford constituency.

It will include the Quoile area, Saul and Raholp, Strangford village, Kilclief, Ballyhornan, Chapeltown, Ballyalton and around Downpatrick, where hopefully the bypass with grace of god will connect the hospital to Belfast Road!

Ardglass and Killough will remain in South Down where my colleague Andrew McMurray Alliance Party is the MLA. Confusing to have the council area split between two Westminster constituencies!
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Just as confusing as having Saintfield in the South Belfast constituency 🤔

what about a bin lorry for st dillons ave / i am sick pushing the bin up 100yards to euro spar new shop at 12 at nite the tv and press need to come out and have a laugh / waste management / nobodys wants to no / and we pay rates what for / there is shops getting there big bin / even pushed around and lifted maybe for free maybe / i am not sure / and the old downe hospital / clanmill housing got the job and millions with partners millford construction / all gone over a year / are mlas dont want to no / but they where there for the photo at the start with clanmill getting the big big cheque / smile / and social housing in downpatrick / nothing / car park fees / and blue coats gone / downpatrick is turning into a third world place / and the over building in downpatrick / sewers cant take them / and thames water in uk dumping sewers into irish sea / and its comming over here to our beaches / i see tyrella and murlough bay got blue flag / how when newcastle last year had signs no swimming / boating ect / and what about all the / streams / bogs / rivers / and swamps / all /filled in and do you still need planning in downpatrick area if building / and why do mlas not want to no about / happenings in the town / and around the area / but they will all show up at the irish open golf in royal co down/ in sept 2024 / freebees / and the top golfers do not vote for them / or pay there wages / big expences / so they can buy more houses to rent to people per room @ £80 --- to £100 a room a week / single room / they put people in and insurance for family home / i think these houses are classed as B&B so need / signs / fire / and carbon/ alarms / 1/2 hr doors and wall panels / fire ext / outside every room / signs that light up way out when electricty goes out / kitchen / fire blanket / ext for chip pan / and more and B&B INSURANCE / and a place where to meet outside and do a head count / and fire drills / and the northern ireland fire and rescue service must be involved as well as health& safty . newry mourne down council and waste management / some of these houses have 10 to 12 people in them and 1 toilet 1 shower for all / and people who rent these homes are holy and light candles /that burn all night / a lot of factorys buy these 4 - 5 #

I was meeting with residents this evening after the attack earlier today resulted in 3 people from 2 houses being injured in what the PSNI have described to me as attempted murder and were looking for a known suspect. While I was there the alleged perpetrator arrived back in a red car and I called the police.
The PSNI are staying there for the night to ease residents fears and are also out looking for the person concerned

South Down Alliance Downpatrick Community Collective Nick Mathison MLA Ald Michelle Guy Andrew McMurray Alliance Party Cllr Jill Truesdale APNI Councillor David Lee-Surginor - Rowallane DEA Cllr Tierna Howie Eamonn Mcgrady
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A small modern office for Newry based staff would be fine. But a brand new giant HQ in Newry is madness.

The overwhelming calls of Newry residents, businesses, and local parish, as well as other gov't agencies must be listened to - no to an unnecessarily large second HQ in Newry.

Thanks to Down Recorder for covering this story 👇

Andrew McMurray Alliance Party
Cllr Tierna Howie Helena Young Cllr Jill Truesdale APNI Councillor David Lee-Surginor - Rowallane DEA South Down Alliance Downe Hospital 24 hour a and e
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What implications will this have for the Downe Hospital, one of the other key elements in the Downshire Public Sector Campus?

who runs these places / must be brown envelopes still going around / what are brown envelopes for / are they for birthday cards / invites to a party / i still do not no ./ it would answer them better if they would buy a small bin cart for st dillons ave downpatrick /they went and bought new big bin trucks and scraped the small bin cart / the people of st dillons ave .got letters for to push there bins 100yards to either side / 90% living on the ave / are on walking aids /walking stick and old / waste management sent letters out to push your bins up before midnight or 5 am in the morning / in the dark and no lights on the bin carts wheelies/ also when its brown and blue week thats 2 bins up and down / if they get empty that week / that 24 bins at the side of the new euro spar /and same at the other side / and under the bins is a new gas line right rounnd to no 30 st dillons ave only 18 ins below ground and full of gas going all the time / there is 2 -3 cars parked either side / and if some one lights one bin it will spread to the rest = and cars which give out pure black toxic smoke and fume that kills / and then the cars go up in flames beside the houses / your dead before the flames get to the houses / and if it melts the gas pipe it will take the street away /and the only trucks going down will be a hearse black one / nobody checked with northern ireland fire service / or councils health & safty / first / a bin cart has been going up and down for 70 years / and iceland / home heating lorries / amazon / can go up all the time / who ever thought of this must be working from home / eye the bedroom / or took to many days of school / if they even went / only newry mourne down third world council could send this letter out / and if someone losses there life and goes to court / they will not have a council jacket or tie /or badge on / they will be on there own // council did not wright this letter // and st dillons ave is a way down from flying horse /model farm/ from parties all week / they walk down between 1 am and 7 am /7 nights a week / of there head / and the wheelies bins are in front of them // ready / to light / these people are the walking dead / and some are dangerous / because some one let them out of a space ship if no bin cart is got / the sunday world want the story / i told them to wait till i get names in council and more about the council new offices in the downshire grounds /and what happened to clanmill housing at the old downe hospital / with partners millford construction // have closed up and gone 1 year now / but mlas will not tell the public what happening to the houses and the mental health project / but mlas got there photo taken at the start at the hospital grounds with a cheque handing it over to clanmill housing // they are the award winning one of the largest housing in ni and uk / so could anybody tell the public what happened to the millions of pounds £££££££££££ clanmill and partners millford got / and no mlas are telling the public what happening to the new down hospital ardglass rd downpatrick / and why are plans passed to make a new straight rd up into the front doors and new landscape all passed / maybe its closing and who ever buying is getting nhs money to change the road / and land scape it with trees ect / if the hospital was staying the road is ok and car park / so to make a new road has to be /1 new hotel / or another shopping place/ because houses are to be built on out the ardglass rd and all the new houses at ballyalton to saul / what about the sewers downpatrick can not cope / even if you had the biggest pumps in the world / they may bag it and drop it into the thames river london / the same as they are doing / thames waters are still pumping sewers into the irish sea / and not one mla or lords have brought it up at westminster or stormont // i forgot there busy with we private things yes wee / i wonder who will be next to play hide and seek/ or 3 blind mice / or jack and jill / NEXT PLEASE AND GET BIG PAYS AND EXPENCES NOT BAD FOR PLAYING GAMES ? WHAT A JOB ?

Cause Newry is a City, Downpatrick is only a town. 🤣🤣🤣

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