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2019 election showing Cadogan with Billy Corry his election agent, Brenda his wife and CadÓg his son.

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Councillor Cadogan Enright was last re-elected in May 2019 (see picture) and previously in May 2014 and May 22011 (pictures below).

Cadogan has represented the Lecale Coast and Downpatrick since the end of 2006.

Married to Brenda over 30 years, they have a large happy family.

A life-long environmentalist, Cadogan became involved in politics over his concerns regarding climate change.

Cadogan has been at the forefront of local politics through his work as a both as a Councillor and as and environmental activist in Lecale and across South Down as reflected on this site.

Cllr Cadogan Enright re-elected May 2011 with Brenda and CadoganÓg

As a member of the Downe Community Health Committee Cadogan has championed the campaign for the retention of local services at the Downe Hospital faithfully following in the tradition of retired Independents and Green Councillors Raymond Blaney and Bill Corry – Click here to see the Hospital Campaign.

2014 Election Victory
Cadogan, his wife Brenda and son CadÓg at his relection in 2014.

An avid campaigner of the Green Economy, Cadogan has been working to support local Renewable Energy entrepreneurs and businesses in Co. Down. Cadogan has appeared on national television to oppose the four traditional political parties in Northern Ireland for their negative approach to renewable energy – Click on this link to see Cadogan on UTV

Cadogan is a member of several local environmental organisations around Lecale and has worked with local communities, angling clubs and local environmentalists on issues such as pollution in the Quoile River, Wildlife Bye-laws along our coastline at Minerstown and Tyrella, getting local police officers re-trained on environmental & wildlife crimes and getting young offenders involved in litter clean-ups and environmental work.

Cllr Cadogan Enright with predecessors Bill Corry left and Raymond Blaney right signing nomination papers before the 2011 elections

Cadogan has brought local wildlife issues to a national audience on BCC Newsline – Click here to see the television coverage

Cllr Cadogan Enright is an FCCA (accountant) with postgraduate qualifications in building standards and energy management.

Cllr Cadogan Enright with predecessors Bill Corry left and Raymond Blaney right signing nomination papers before the 2011 elections

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Bill Corry Bill Corry (expert on agriculture and arboriculture and the environment. Civil Rights champion)
Won the local election in 2005 with Cadogan Enright as his election agent. Retired from Council at the end of 2006 though ill-health.  treemanbillcorry@gmail.com
Generic Portrait Raymond Blayney (trade unionist and political activist on the health service)
Raymond was elected as independent councillor when campaigning for the Downe Hospital, he last stood in the 2003 MLA elections for the Greens, and retired through ill-health before the 2005 local elections.               Email: raymondblaney@btinternet.com

What I stand for

  • More decision-making at Community level.
  • Open government based on rights-based legislation enforceable by the citizen.
  • A basic income for all citizens.
  • Enterprise – moving taxation from income onto scarce resources or onto pollution
  • Competitive markets benefiting consumers – regulated to protect the environment, not producers.
  • Renewable energy and Recycling.
  • Full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement
  • Small scale and family businesses using local resources.
  • Emphasis on public transport.
  • Sustainable Development in clustered rural settlements or brown-field high-density development in cities.
  • Non-violent direct action.

I am Against…

  • Pollution of air, sea and land.
  • The depopulation of the countryside and over-crowding in the cities.
  • Monopolies, Oligopolies and Cartels controlling markets e.g. banking in N.I.
  • Control of industry by large national and multinational companies.
  • Nuclear weapons and nuclear power.
  • Land and property speculation.
  • Both state and paramilitary violence in Northern Ireland.
  • The exploitation of the third world.

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