Down Councillor Cadogan Enright has called on the Water Service to address the problem of noise from the Wastewater treatment works in Drumaness, which is causing difficulties for local residents.

Cllr Enright explained, “I have been approached by a number of local residents who are being tormented by the noise from the Drumaness site. I understand that the old sewerage works were replaced by a new system but a faulty blower is creating intense noise pollution for the adjacent Harmony Park residents.”

“The old plant was surrounded by trees which would have reduced noise coming from the site, but these were unnecessarily removed despite protests by Green Party members and residents during the building the new site and this is contributing to the problem,” he said.

Local resident Tom Fox has described the noise from the WWTW as ‘extremely loud’ since it came into operation. “This is affecting sleep and enjoyment of my garden. We can’t even go into the garden or open the windows of the house during the summer. The DoE have already agreed that this is a problem and agreed to fix it over six months ago but nothing has been done” said Mr Fox.

Green Party Local Coordinator Pat Ward has contacted a number of Departments on this matter. “When the previous treatment works were being replaced, I requested that the trees be maintained and that the operation be moved underground. Unfortunately, these recommendations were ignored and now the residents are living with the consequences”, he said.

The Water Service has placed acoustic mats and lagging at the plant, but this has not been effective. Cllr Enright is calling for proper measures to be taken to address this problem.

“Firstly, the faulty blower needs to be replaced immediately to reduce the noise and trees or a wall put in place to absorb any other sources of noise from the site. I will be raising this matter at Council and with the relevant authorities to give the residents the enjoyment of their homes.

Press Cuttings: WWTW Drumaness