Down District Councillor Cadogan Enright has highlighted several dangers on the stretch of the A7 at Abbeyview Road which he fears will result in a serious accident if not rectified soon.

The stretch of road, on the main Downpatrick to Belfast route near Crossgar, has a number of outstanding issues which make driving in the area particularly risky.

“It has been brought to my attention by local residents that the junction of the Abbeyview Road and the A7 is very dangerous. Not only are the trees at the junction overgrown, making it difficult to for drivers to see road signs or oncoming traffic, but the slip road which once existed has been replaced with an outcrop of pavement.’

“The pavement continues out to the roadside and has been hit by several cars already. It should be reduced and the slipway reinstated so cars can safely turn into the Abbeyview Road without interrupting other drivers” he said.

Furthermore, the Councillor explained, the A7 road also climbs a hill at this point and there is no crawler lane, so slow traffic is often overtaken by other vehicles ignoring the solid white lines.

We recently visited the Abbeyview road, where they spoke to a number of residents who were concerned at flooding in the area that would add to the problems on the A7. James Ward explained that the gullies on the A7 were blocked and this causes flooding which makes driving conditions poor.

“Members of the Council have been calling for improvements to the road at Doran’s Rock quarry, so I am asking that this part of the road also be improved at the same time. There are several serious problems which need to be resolved here and so these should be part of any road improvement plan for the A7”, Cllr Enright added.

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