Cllr. Cadogan Enright is questioning plans for a ‘Viking Village’ along the shore of Strangford Lough in Delamount Park.

The plans, which include the construction of a replica Viking settlement, including a ‘Longhouse’ for feasting, place the village in a secluded area of the park, about one hundred yards from the shore.

Cllr. Enright believes the tourist attraction would be better suited close to the amenities in the park, such as the car park, toilets, shop, etc. “Although the idea of a Viking village would be a great tourist attraction, and similar schemes have proved popular in other areas, the planned site is inappropriate. It will not only cause a detrimental effect on the landscape, but its isolated position leaves it open to vandalism.”

A number of local residents have contacted Enright voicing their concerns over the proposed plan, and the poor condition of the water in Strangford Lough in general. This, it is felt, would be further hindered by construction work at the site and by pollution following the opening of the village.

Furthermore, the plans also include the construction of a jetty on the shore beside the proposed village, which would be used to take visitors on pleasure cruises on the Lough. This would, however, involve disturbance of the shoreline and is unnecessary given the ample provision of jetties and weirs in the area. The current site is in an area of extremely low water at low tide and Cllr Enright believes the jetty would be better suited in Killyleagh.

The photo shows Cllr. Corry and incoming Cllr. Enright at the site on the shore of Strangford Lough where the proposed jetty will be situated.