Photograph shows Green Party Co-ordinator Pat Ward.

DOWN Councillor Cadogan Enright congratulated Spa Green Party Co-ordinator Pat Ward on a great job done in assisting the local community in Spa to achieve their hard fought campaign to upgrade and improve their run down Play Park.

Cllr Enright said, “Pat Ward and the local Hillside and Spa Committee secured quotations for each aspect of the work needed to be done. They then went around and sought financial support for different aspects of the project from community groups, prominent private citizens and the recreation department in Down District Council.

Spa area Green Party Co-ordinator Pat Ward acknowledged the support of UUP councillor Robert Burgess and Down District Recreation Department Director Martin Todd for their hard work and community team spirit in creating solutions where none appeared to be possible.

Cllr Enright said, “We were faced with a silly situation were the residents of Spa where deemed ‘too well off’ to get community funding for this project, with funding being focused on so-called ‘deprived areas.’”

Pat Ward said “Children have the right to play, wherever they live”.

Cllr Enright concluded, “This is a shining example of self help by people who are not just complaining about a problem, but are actively going about helping themselves. This project demonstrates not only a strong local community, in Spa, but is also an exemplar in how community activists can get things done”.

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