Carraig na Ron - Seal Rock
Local farmers, residents and professional wildlife experts turn out to support wildlife on Minerstown Beach

GOOD NEWS FOR WILDLIFE!! For the last 6 years+ I have been trying to get bye-laws passed to protect shore-nesting birds and seal pups from disturbance during the breeding season. The DOE delayed us for years – but now our bye-laws will be going for consultation in the next few weeks.


  1. Send me your email address so I can make sure that you get a copy of the consultation document – it is vital that we get a lot of positive responses.
  2. Take or print a few copies of this document for your friends as anybody who uses Rossglass or Minerstown beaches can submit an opinion, not just those of us living locally.

see slide show on killing and disturbance of wildlife here>  Minerstown wildlife killed (for internet)

Carraig na Rónta
Seals on the rocks at Minerstown – Carraig na Rónta


These bye-laws are the first in Northern Ireland by a Council specifically to protect wildlife. They are a precedent that can be used to protect wildlife in any other part of N.I.. This is why myself and others have campaigned for years to get this result.





Golden Plover nest Rossglass / Minerstown later squished by a quad
Golden Plover nest Rossglass / Minerstown later squished by a quad

Similarly there are only a very few patches of shingle along the coast where mechanised vehicles need to avoid squishing plover or other birds nests – these areas need our protection. Information boards are vital here.

Once most ordinary decent people are told why they have to keep their dogs on a lead near seal pups, or keep dogs 200 meters from newly pupped seals they make a point of doing so. Anyway we have 100 kilometres of coastline to let dogs run free!But these bye-laws also authorise public officials to take action where needed.