Down Cllr Cadogan Enright has praised a Ballyhornan farming family for their pubic spirit and support for their local community.
Cllr Enright said “The Trainor family have generously offered to adjust the boundary of their property to facilitate the new Ballyhornan 3G pitch. They were also very supportive of the project though the planning stages and this did help us secure planning permission”.
Michael Trainor said “I can confirm on behalf of my family that we have seen the plans for the new 3G pitch and are delighted to be able to offer our support to this project. We believe that the land in question is already the property of the Ballyhornan Family Centre, and that the right of way between our two properties has been correctly delineated. If any adjustments to boundaries are needed along the new boundary, we would be pleased to make the necessary adjustment at no cost to the Ballyhornan Family Centre”.