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Down Coastal Rowing Ardglass meeting in Bath Street

Picture of everyone at our inaugural meeting in Bath Street

CALLING ALL ARDGLASS TEAM MEMBERS ! – NEXT MEETING FRIDAY 5pm at ‘Everyones Club drop-in centre’ Bath Street Ardglass

I undertook to get a numbers cleared up after our initial meeting and the report back is as follows;

1. Down Rowing will have central constitution that all members will be part of. We will need to review the draft central constitution & in so doing take names.

2. Down Coastal Rowing are arranging insurance and bank accounts

3. Tools – I have have been told that any normal DIYer will have the tools needed.

4. Centrally organised ‘kick off meeting’ for all members will be on Monday 10th again in Down Arts Centre at 7pm 

Also the boat kits are now all in Portaferry but some extra timbers will be needed. The timbers for keel stem & gunwhales will now be funded from SLLP but advises that strengthening wood to brace the building jig as well as consumables protective clothing gloves masks hand cleaner etc etc will have to be funded locally – I am guessing guess at a manageable £250 but it might be no more than £500 local. I assume we have to add the cost of the oars to that.



  1. Harbour Building
  2. ADA Building
  3. Milligan’s Fish Processing Unit

All buildings were capable of being made good for the purpose of making the Skiffs however there were varying amounts of work required to make them ready for use along with tenancy issues.


The shell and structure of the building was in good order.  The area identified as suitable for building the boat was an actual ‘Cold Room’ used for fish processing.  The room had no electric fitted but if connected to an electric supply could be temperature controlled and ventilation supplied.  Similarly light and power points would be needed.

Currently there is no water or toilet facilities, no direct ventilation or natural light.  If working inside the main doors would need to be left open.

The building is currently unusable because of the lack of facilities, services and ventilation.  Mr Mulhall stated that he could get someone to put the services and facilities in place.

Currently the building is not accessible as there is no tenancy agreement.  Mr Mulhall said he felt it was possible to obtain an agreement.  Mr Mulhall’s organisation ‘Street Safe’ is a charitable organisation and so can get the premises rates free.


The ADA building is structurally sound and in good order.  An area identified as main floor of the former shop would be suitable for constructing the boat although it may possibly need segregated from the rest of the building in some way during the construction period.  This will depend on the future use of the building.

All required facilities & services exist i.e. electric, water, toilets etc. (no disabled toilet).

The building is more or less ready with very little required to bring the building into use for constructing the Skiff.  The group would have access straight away and the only concern would be asking the current users (craft class) to move or vacate the building.


This building is modern and structurally sound.  However there is no water or toilet facilities.  It is currently used for the repair and storage of boats and material used in the fish processing business.

The location of the building and access are quite remote especially if it had to be used at night.

Mr Mulhall stated that he could get the water and toilet facilities put into the building.

Currently the building is not accessible as there is no tenancy agreement.  Mr Mulhall said he felt it was possible to obtain an agreement.  Mr Mulhall’s organisation ‘Street Safe’ is a charitable organisation and so can get the premises rates free.

J L Lawson

Project Co-ordinator

22nd Feb. 2014


Hendersons have been in contact with ADA offering the Cochrane old shop for a period of (9) nine months which can be followed by a further nine month if wished for.
Hendersons are emailing ADA with a blank agreement form for consideration at the next ADA meeting which I am told by Mary McCargo should be a formality. Terms will be a nominal rent (amount if anything, to cover admin costs)
ADA Charity exemption can be used to get rates exemption on the premises.  There are a number of benefits to this location as follows;
1. Next to public toilets
2. Next to Cafe
3. Next to Harbour, seaman’s mission etc etc
4. Loads of room
5. None of the complications of the other sites we looked at

see latest email from Leonard Lawson

Subject: Constitution
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 17:48:35 +0000

Hi All

Just to bring you up to-date with developments:
A draft constitution has be drawn-up, copy to follow.
SLLP are holding a meeting in the Arts Centre in Downpatrick on Friday the 7th March at 7pm for the proposed management team to consider the draft constitution and give you an update on, insurance, team funding and any issues that might arise.  As part of that committee can you please ensure that you or your representative from your team can attend.
This will be followed with the 1st General meeting of the Down Coastal Rowing Club on Monday 10th again in Down Arts Centre at 7pm for all existing team members.
 If there is any difficulty please come back to me.
Answers to some current questions:
Team Costs:
Money required to purchase equipment and materials over and above the items SLLP are supplying will have to be met by the Team.
With the proposed constitution you will not need to hold a general meeting, elect a committee or open a bank account for your team you will only need to adopt the structure we have already suggested.  The most urgent thing if you have not already done so is the election of a Team Captain and a structure for your team.
Starting Work:
Before the Club is formally created, at the general meeting, and everyone joins your team can start work as  ‘volunteers’ for the Strangford Lough and Lecale Partnership.  As long as those names are lodged with Gillian beforehand as volunteers they will be covered by the SLLP insurance.  This is on condition that no powered hand tools or machinery powered from the mains is being used until a  electrical cert. has been obtained.
A lot of power tools nowadays are battery powered and so can be used safely without being plugged into the electrical system.

From: Cadogan Enright []
Sent: 13 February 2014 15:41
To:; Gillian Armstrong
Cc: Mary McCargo; Jim down news masson Jim Masson
Subject: Coastal Rowing


just to let you know that I chaired the inaugural meeting of the Ardglass Branch of your organisation last night in my capacities as being on the Strangford and Lecale Partnership and as a local councillor.

It was held in ADA’s premises in Bath street.

The meeting was well attended despite an appalling storm. There was lost of enthusiasm as well as a lot of boat-building and qualified operating experience to be had

there were 3 main queries

1. Were you to base branch constitutions on the sort of document handed out by Down or Ards Councils, we could each get a small start=up grant of £200 per branch

2. How will insurance be handled – it would be good if the main office so to speak could organise insurance for each of the properly constituted branches

3. Will the kits come with tools? or will we have to find or buy them?

I was not able to be there at 1 today as I was over with Caroline at the Launch in Portaferry

Cllr Cadogan Enright


Councillor Cadogan Enright at LIDL Downpatrick

Councillor Cadogan Enright at LIDL Downpatrick


LIDL’s top management in Northern Ireland have confirmed to Councilor Cadogan Enright they will no longer levy fines for customers parking at their premises after shopping hours. This announcement followed a ‘Facebook’ campaign by Councilor Enright which has resulted in a lot of unfavorable publicity for LIDL around Down District and Northern Ireland.

Cllr Enright said, “LIDL management ‘phoned me on Monday to announce this change in policy and also pledged to pay the fines of anyone who was penalized outside of shopping hours at their Downpatrick store. They asked me to forward any fines received by my constituents in these circumstances and that LIDL themselves would pay these fines on their behalf.”

Explained Cllr Enright “Large numbers of people have been receiving £100 parking fines for parking at LIDL at night time. These individuals rightly presumed that signs at the Market Street store reserving parking spots for customers did not apply when the store was closed. One of my cases involves young lady working for a minimum wage in the pub next door to LIDL who has been fined £400 for parking at night time outside of shopping hours by this new and extraordinary scheme.”

“I would call on anyone who has been fined in these circumstances to send me their fines, or their car registration numbers so as I can provide their details to LIDL head office in Kildare who will be looking after these fines.”



The system of fines was introduced after problems arose with commuters to Belfast started to monopolise LIDL car parking spaces during the day, leaving no room for actual LIDL customers. The problem with the new system was that (unlike on-street parking in Downpatrick) the fines system applied 24 hours a day – and there was no way a customer could have known that from the signs on the front gate.

LIDL has also promised the Councilor Enright that they would urgently review their contract with the private car park operator to ensure that no further fines would be issued in this manner.

Cadogan Enright welcomed this volte-face and said, “LIDL is a valuable presence in the town, and it is to their credit that they chose a town centre location which helps other businesses around the town rather than going for an out of tome centre like other multiples.”

“Parking in the town centre at night time can be limited, and this safe, monitored car-park adds to the attraction of Downpatrick as a centre for the ‘evening economy’ where people going out for a meal or an outing with friends have somewhere safe to park their cars.” Concluded Cllr Enright

PROTECTING WILDLIFE in Minerstown / Rossglass

Carraig na Ron - Seal Rock

Local farmers, residents and professional wildlife experts turn out to support wildlife on Minerstown Beach

GOOD NEWS FOR WILDLIFE!! For the last 6 years+ I have been trying to get bye-laws passed to protect shore-nesting birds and seal pups from disturbance during the breeding season. The DOE delayed us for years – but now our bye-laws will be going for consultation in the next few weeks.


  1. Send me your email address so I can make sure that you get a copy of the consultation document – it is vital that we get a lot of positive responses.
  2. Take or print a few copies of this document for your friends as anybody who uses Rossglass or Minerstown beaches can submit an opinion, not just those of us living locally.

see slide show on killing and disturbance of wildlife here>  Minerstown wildlife killed (for internet)

Carraig na Rónta

Seals on the rocks at Minerstown – Carraig na Rónta


These bye-laws are the first in Northern Ireland by a Council specifically to protect wildlife. They are a precedent that can be used to protect wildlife in any other part of N.I.. This is why myself and others have campaigned for years to get this result.





Golden Plover nest Rossglass / Minerstown later squished by a quad

Golden Plover nest Rossglass / Minerstown later squished by a quad

Similarly there are only a very few patches of shingle along the coast where mechanised vehicles need to avoid squishing plover or other birds nests – these areas need our protection. Information boards are vital here.

Once most ordinary decent people are told why they have to keep their dogs on a lead near seal pups, or keep dogs 200 meters from newly pupped seals they make a point of doing so. Anyway we have 100 kilometres of coastline to let dogs run free!But these bye-laws also authorise public officials to take action where needed.

Down Coastal Rowing Club (Ardglass Branch)

Independent Councillor Cadogan Enright chaired the inaugural meeting of Down Coastal Rowing Club (Ardglass Branch) was held Wednesday night in the village at the Ardglass Development Association (ADA) drop-in centre in Bath Street. A steering committee was formed to fully set up the local group.

Local enthusiasts have formed a local Ardglass branch of the Down Coastal Rowing Club.Local enthusiasts formed the Ardglass branch of the Down Coastal Rowing Club (DCRC). The DCRC emerged from an initiative pioneered by the Strangford Lough and Lecale Partnership and the PSNI. The aim is to build eight 22-feet wooden St Ayle’s skiffs in local coastal communities and ultimately have them take part in regattas and events along the Lecale Coast and in Strangford Lough in a fun and on a competitive basis.

Cllr Enright represents Down Council on the Strangford Lough and Lecale partnership and said “St Ayle’s skiffs have a strong international following. Each one will be built by local enthusiasts and rowed by people in their communities. There is a great opportunity for a healthy inter-community rivalry which will no doubt be a feature of the main festivals in east Down in the summer time in the near future.”

The Ardglass branch is now seeking members to join up. All persons joining the Ardglass branch will also be required to join the Down Coastal Rowing Club (DCRC) overall organisation which will co-ordinate much of the developments etc. (Cost of membership fee is £5,)

If  you think you may have a useful set of skills in boat-building such as woodworking, painting etc, why not get involved? It is expected that each skiff takes up to 800 work hours to complete and a team is required to see this project through.

To express you interested initially, contact Mary McCargo, 028 44 841575, Cadogan Enright at 07590462329  or Jim Masson on07855545873.

Many hands make light work.


KIlclief Residents Committee R-L Eamonn Quinn, Maurice Denvir, Claire Hanna with Cllr Enright centre

KIlclief Residents Committee R-L Eamonn Quinn, Maurice Denvir, Claire Hanna with Cllr Enright centre

Councillor Cadogan Enright chaired the inaugural meeting of the Kilclief Residents Association (KRA) last Friday evening for the appointment of officers. Registration forms for the new association were completed and grant forms filled in.

It was decided to produce a leaflet seeking other potential committee members around the area and to circulate a list of priority issues that had been raised at the meeting to see if this could be improved by other residents ahead of another general meeting later in the year.

Initial concerns included a obtaining a 30-mile an hour zone for the village, a play-park for children, ensuring Kilclief beach had “EU bathing water status” and funding for summer schemes later this year.

Cllr Enright said, “New regulations for 30 mile and hour zones have now come into force and Kilclief clearly falls within these new regulations. I have made the application to Roads Service accordingly on behalf of the KRA.”

Local residents discussed various potential locations for a potential play park, and undertook to approach local landowners. It was noted that surrounding villages had all managed to get a play park of some kind, and given the number of young children in the village some facility of this kind was essential.

Kilclief residents passed a motion passed to write to the Ardglass Development Association pledging support for their campaign to get EU registration for Lecale beaches including Kilclief. This had the objective of achieving EU registration to ensure that NI Water can no longer legally discharge untreated sewerage in waters in our area, which will bring both social and economic advantages to our area, especially given the importance of the tourist trade locally.

scandalous letter response to Coney Island plea for flood help


Debris around houses in Coney Island

Debris around houses in Coney Island after 3 successive tidal surges

Coney Island resident kevin lappin and cadogan enright during recent storms

Coney Island resident kevin lappin and cadogan enright during recent storms




I will keep adding to this as the saga unfolds until they are embarrassed into doing something about this scandal.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Cadogan Enright <>
Date: Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 11:53 PM
Subject: reworded notice of motion
ToJohn Dumigan, CEO of Council and to Maria McCarthy SDLP Chair of Council

Dear John and Maria

in the absence of a reply on this issue, I am therefore proposing a new wording for the Notice of Motion. I note that this is the seventh notice of motion since the last AGM from myself that council management have sought to suppress.

Amended wording reads;

“Council notes that province-wide agreements, arrangements and protocols reflected in the Councils emergency plan for dealing with floods and other emergencies currently prevent some villages being offered assistance if the Roads Service does not recognise the roads serving those villages as public roads. Council management have explained that they do not provide assistance either as they follow the ‘Lead Agency’ in emergencies of this kind.

For instance Roads Service is unable to provide flood protection to Coney Island during tidal surges, so Down Council would not either.

Council directs management to change these ‘province-wide agreements, arrangements and protocols‘ to ensure that all ratepayers can expect not to be excluded from Council assistance in emergency situations by the bureaucratic rules of other agencies”

I am copying other Councillors for information.

Councillor Cadogan Enright

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Cadogan Enright <>
Date: Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 1:46 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: notice of motion
To: John Dumigan, CEO of Council
Cc: Maria McCarthy Chair of Council and SDLP
Thank you for your response

Can you explain how we can protect areas like Coney Island if, as you suggest, we can only follow the lead of other Agencies?

Let me understand what you are saying;

1. If the Road Service refuses to support Coney Island because these 40 houses are on a private road (as it did in the recent storms on theFriday and the Sunday) we have to follow their lead

2. you are suggesting that Down District Council will work to support the Roads Service in preventing floods in other villages and refuse to support Coney Island

3. We know that the 40 houses are our ratepayers, and expect us to provide service to them in the same manner that we do to other areas. You are saying that they are incorrect in this expectation

I dont see how we have any choice but to run with my notice of motion in this regard. I am prepared to accept a rewording if it will help you, but we cannot abandon a community in our area  to floods because we are slavishly following an incorrect policy of another government agency

The problem is that your “province-wide agreements, arrangements and protocols” that you refer to below are wrong, and need to be amended.

Cllr Cadogan Enright

On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 10:01 JohnDumigan> wrote:


Your proposed Notice of Motion will, if adopted, by the Council, cause us to break province-wide agreements, arrangements and protocols.  The Council’s role in an emergency is to follow the advice/guidance of the Lead Agency.  Depending on the emergency the Lead Agency may be the DRD, Health Trust, Ambulance Service, Fire Brigade, Rivers Agency, etc or the Council.   To adopt your proposal would mean we would have a priority action that may well affect our ability to provide the support asked of us by the Lead Agency.  In the last flooding emergency the Lead Agency was the PSNI and they provided us with important information and advice on the areas of greatest risk and where we should focus our limited resources.

In an emergency we collaborate with others and collectively decide what needs done and who should do it.  Last week our role was to support the DRD in the distribution of sand bags.

The Council has no sand bags of its own, other than to protect its own property and its not our role to distribute sand bags to the public.  There is a province-wide protocol that sets out who does what regarding sand bags and we signed up to that.  To adopt your Notice of Motion would mean we wouldn’t be following the protocol.

Finally, I do not believe that the response to an emergency is a matter of the Council, it is an operational matter and for that reason and the other reasons set out above I will refer your comments to the Council’s Emergency Team.

John Dumigan
Clerk and Chief Executive

Committee Clerks
Down District Council
Downshire Civic Centre
Downshire Estate
Ardglass Road
BT30 6RA

Date: 04/01/2014 18:55
Subject: notice of motion

Dear Sarah,

I would like to put a notice of motion before the next council meeting please

The wording is as follows

“That the Councils emergency plan for dealing with floods and other emergencies will be amended to deal with the protection of ratepayers in areas that other agencies are unable to provide assistance.

For instance Roads Service is unable to provide flood protection to Coney Island during tidal surges. It should therefore be the priority of the Council to ensure that these few areas be attended to first, before going to the assistance of other agencies.”

Thanks a lot and happy new year Sarah


DOWNPATRICKS FUTURE DEPENDS ON SAUL ROAD DEVELOPMENT – sent to papers today – copy my points for your objection


Sir,             (NOTE use reference R/2013/0544f to object when writing to Planning Office in Rathkelter House, Market St. DPK)

The huge new housing development proposed for the Saul Road in Downpatrick, is going to be the litmus test of the sincerity and professionalism of the Roads Service and Planning Service in Down District.

For years the Roads Service has been saying that any ring-road around Downpatrick must be ‘developer-led’. I.E. Paid for by developers of the land in question. This development parallels the route of the ‘Eastern Distributor Road’ shown in the development plan, and therefore must be built off that road, and not the Saul Road.

Planners put this ring road in the ‘Area Plan’ for Downpatrick. It links the Hospital to the Belfast Road by crossing the Ballyhornan, Saul and Strangford roads in a wide arc. It would dramatically reduce congestion in Downpatrick, and allow the Southern side of the town to be developed in line with the expansion envisaged in the Area Plan. The new upgraded Sewerage plant was constructed to accommodate up to 20,000 people with this in mind.

We were told that without this link road, development would be restricted on that side of the town.

But instead of following the Area Plan, this development proposes to discharge onto the already congested Saul Road, orientated to overlook and dominate Ardenlee. This development should be orientated away from Ardenlee and built along the new link road. When the new hospital was built, they were forced to deliver the bit of the ring-road off the Ardglass Road roundabout . This development must be one of the next links in the chain. Developers need to understand that this vision for Downpatrick serves their interests too.

The Roads Service and the Planning Service now have a chance to deliver what they have been talking about for years. If they fail, politicians must intervene. They should note that after the May elections Councillors will have the power to set planning policy, and will be able to insist that the Area Plan is delivered for the benefit of the whole town.

If planners fail Downpatrick on this one, we will be left with congestion, an inability to deliver potential growth and jobs locally and with the Hospital ‘marooned’ on the wrong side of town giving the bureaucrats up at the Ulster Hospital a further excuse to cut our local services.

Yours etc

Cllr Cadogan Enright


Kitchen Stool Campaigning

Kitchen Stool Campaigning

Kitchen Stool Campaigning

Kitchen stools with posters on and clip-boards on top – works great – I got hundreds of signatures with them in Downpatrick Leisure Centre. AND you can put them in the back of a car and go to the next meeting or shop or Church. On a sports field you can lean on them and the legs go into the ground and they don’t blow over.


Ballynahinch Rugby Club invited Councillor Enright to set up a stand at the club last Saturday to collect signatures of the Downe 24-hour accident and emergency campaign. Club members also assisted in manning the table and announcements were made drawing spectators attention to the campaign.

Rugby Club gathers signatures for the Down accident and emergency

Cllr Enright works with Rugby Club to gather signatures for the Down accident and emergency

Club members expressed anger and frustration that Down sports clubs were being denied such an essential facility at weekends. Ballynahinch RFC is Down Districts premier Rugby Club and fields 7 Adult teams, 4 Youth teams and 220 Mini Rugby players every weekend. This is more than any other club in Ireland. Ballynahinch is also the only Ulster club to achieve representation in top division of the Ulster Bank All-Ireland league.

Honorary Secretary Richard Hart said “Local sportspeople need the reassurance of accidents and emergency being opened at weekend, this club has regular need of A&E facilities and we unambiguously support the campaign for the Down A and E.”

Club member John Thompson agreed and pointed out that this affects all teams in all sports. He said that to his personal knowledge there had been 5 incidents at the Green High in the last year where A& E was required. Down High PE teacher and rugby coach Charlie Knox agreed and estimated that there were approximately 12 sporting incidents a year needing support of the A and E at the school.

Councillor Enright said, “it is clear that sports clubs across the District support this campaign. On Saturday morning in Dunleath Park I collected hundreds of signatures from local soccer teams until we were rained off. Almost every coach on every team emphasized the need for local A and E services. On Friday evening I took the petition to the Down  GAA HQ in Castlewellan who immediately dispatched it to all 48 local GAA clubs asking club secretaries to organize the collection of signatures at every club.”


Local farmers group ‘Down District Farmers for Renewable Energy’ (DDFFRE) met with Department of the Environment Minister Mark H  Durkan on Monday afternoon to seek his support for the Lecale area being recognized as the UK reference site for energy storage and micro-grid technologies. DDFFRE were supported by Ulster Farmers Union Gary Hawkes, UFU chief policy officer Chris Osborne, renewable energy companies and Down Councilor Cadogan Enright.

Some of the delegation to the Minister. Left to right, Cllr Cadogan Enright with Ulster Farmers Union Chief Policy Officer Chris Osbourne and Down District Farmers representatives Declan Owens and Alan Montgomery

Some of the delegation to the Minister. Left to right, Cllr Cadogan Enright with Ulster Farmers Union Chief Policy Officer Chris Osbourne and Down District Farmers representatives Declan Owens and Alan Montgomery

Delegation leader Cllr Enright said “An extremely constructive meeting addressed the Northern Irelands Regional Development Policy and perceived gaps in how this was translated in the down and Ards Area Plan. There was a concern that Northern Ireland could lose the opportunity to become the UK lead in these new technology areas if planning policy did not reflect national policy. We noted how the Scottish Government had succeeded in gaining the UK reference site for wave and tidal energy.” CLICK FOR DETAILS OF EXCITING LOCAL PROJECT HERE 

DDFFRE Chairperson Alan Montgomery said, “Many will remember how the existing Area Plan was published years late with significant gaps. In particular, it is clear that current regional commitments to tackling Global Warming and moving energy policy towards renewable energy were not reflected in the old Area Plan as these subjects were not on the agenda when it was formulated. This has a serious impact on the way planners make decisions and could affect our pilot project. Planner are only required to deal with matters referred to in policy.”

Gary Hawkes, Ulster Farmers Union rural enterprise chairman said, “With ongoing capacity problems continuing to affect grid connection for small scale renewables in Northern Ireland, the UFU believe that this micro-grid solution is an alternative way forward.  If the go ahead is granted, this pilot could be spread out to other rural parts of the country and allow farmers to create community energy networks for their local areas, with much needed storage and distribution solutions. However planning policy must follow regional policy if this is to happen.”

Minister Durkan undertook to arrange follow-up meetings with the Northern Irish Environment Agency, to see how Regional Development Policy could be translated more effectively in Area Planning. He undertook to see how his department could assist Rural Development initiatives around micro-grids and energy storage and how they could support the Invest NI-backed Lecale micro-grid pilot project based in the Bishopscourt and Ardglass areas of County Down.

News article


Globalwarming lecale This NASA diagram shows the effect in Down District if the Greenland Ice Sheet melts and the West Antarctic Ice sheet enters the sea. We become a group of islands and the Ards peninsula starts to disappear under water.

See my website and try other scenarios for yourself . In April 2013 the level of carbon dioxide in the air went above 400 parts per million for the first time since before humans evolved on the planet. This will have an effect if not stopped.

Aside from impact on the human population, Cambridge scientists predict that over 50% of bird species worldwide will become extinct from global warming with similar impacts on most other life forms.