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We have welcomed the successful completion of work by the Roads Service in the Listooder area to address flooding problems which they had previously brought to the attention of the authorities.

Cllr Cadogan Enright explained, “When we visited the site, it was clear that the infrastructure in the area was unsuitable for dealing with heavy rainfall. Drains were either blocked, or, in several instances, the drains themselves were sited above the water level and so simply did not work”.

“After meeting with a Department of the Environment representative, we secured the implementation of a number of changes which have helped to relieve the situation. This included the installation of larger gratings and connection pipes to carry the water to the culvert at Lyons Bridge and in to the stream”, he said

The Listooder Road near Crossgar had been partial to flash flooding, with local residents placing sandbags outside their homes throughout the year to deal with the constant threat of flooding.

However, following the intervention of local Green Party representatives, work has been carried out to deal with the problem, by installing a new system of gullies and pipes.

Local Green Party Coordinator, Pat Ward, said he was glad to see the work being carried out as it would be a big help to people living in the area. Pat said, “The staff of the Roads Service deserve a lot of praise for the work they have carried out as promised and they assure me that other problems which we highlighted in the area are also being dealt with.”

Jeanetta Harper, a local resident who has been plagued with the problem of severe flooding over the years, said “We, the residents in Listooder, appreciate the work done by the DoE this spring but had to campaign for 15 years to get this issue tackled.

“We thank the Green Party for their intervention and support their continued efforts to ensure that sufficient drainage is in place on Cahard Road to reduce the flow down to Listooder Road”.

Press Cuttings: Crossgar flooding cure welcomed