DOWNPATRICK STREET TRADERS, originally uploaded by downgreenparty.

Downpatrick Cllr Enright has criticised council officials for not listening to street traders from the Downpatrick Saturday market. Street Traders have been moved to the rear of the bus station while the work on the sewerage system has been going on.

Cadogan pointed out that “I have consistently pointed out that moving Street Traders to an area with no passing trade will not work. We previously rejected the car park at the cinema for the very same reasons and this latest location is a disaster for the Traders and there are only three of them left.”

“Every town worth its salt has a colourful market of some kind going on at the weekend, and with a bit of creative thought we could accommodate them in areas where it is actually worthwhile to trade” said Cllr Enright

Green Party Cllr Cadogan Enright continued “I have asked that the railings on the other side of the square to where they use to trade, but Down District Council has not been sympathetic to their needs. There is loads of Room at this location, and the three traders would probably draw trade to the front of nearby shops like Topshop as a result.

The failure to take into account the disruption to these traders is only exceeded by the failure to manage the overall redevelopment of Market Street to minimise the impact on the trade in shops along the street.

While we all accept the need to separate the sewer and the flood water, I cannot understand why overtime and weekend work are not being used to reduce the impact on local shop keepers and businesses.

Any argument from that it is more costly to work in this way ignores that fact that shops in Downpatrick are a vital part of our infrastructure and the base of our rates income as a council. Margaret Ritchie’s DSD and their partners are saving money in a manner that costs local businesses people – this project could be made weeks shorter. Any local business person could have managed and coordinated it better,” concluded Cllr Cadogan Enright.