Photograph shows Green Party Co-ordinator Pat Ward at the site of the overflowing manhole in Drumaness.

The Green Party have highlighted the threat of widespread sewage contamination in Drumaness due to the recent flooding and a failure to improve the infrastructure in the area.

Once again sewage is overflowing from a manhole on the Old Park Road in Drumaness. On numerous past occasions the Green Party, through local Co-ordinator Pat Ward, have raised this issue with the Down District Council and relevant bodies yet still a long term solution has not been put in place.

The most recent spill of sewage came with the flooding and heavy rain witnessed last week.

Green Party co-ordinator Pat Ward said, “Until we get the pipeline lifted and replaced we will have this occurrence on and off. The road would not even have to be dug up for this to happen as the manholes are within ten foot of grassland beside the road, so the traffic should not be affected.”

Green Party Councillor for the Down District explained that the rate of development in Drumaness has not been coupled with an improvement in the infrastructure which is why we continue to see these problems.

Cllr Enright added, “When visiting the site with party colleague Pat Ward my main concern was the threat of wide scale pollution. When we have such heavy rain and flooding the sewage travels a lot further into fields, rivers and streams. The pollution could travel for miles and will have a detrimental effect on wildlife and water.

Pat Ward concluded, “I have lost count of the amount of times I have raised this issue and it is very frustrating to see the same problem occur time and time again. Each time it happens it seems to get worse.. The Green Party has demanded that something is done about this problem in Drumaness. This time we want a long term solution to be put in place.”

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