Killough residents Eleanor Millar and Angela Sharvin of Kennedy Park and new Killough Naoiscoil chairperson Martin Rice attended a cross-agency meeting at the Down District Policing Partnership organized by Councillor Cadogan Enright this week.

The meeting reviewed the progress in improving the Mill Field and Kennedy Park area of Killough and reviewed other possible improvements to the ongoing maintenance of the area in the run-up to building of the new Naoiscoil pre-school in the Mill Field. Other attendees included DPP manager Janine Hillen, and representatives of Down Councils Estate Management and Environmental enforcement section.

Cllr Enright said “Local residents and parents have contacted me about a range of issues over the last few months in the Mill Field and Kennedy Park area. This was an opportunity for Killough residents to satisfy themselves that actions are being taken to address the issues they are raising in the area”.

Angela Sharvin said “We were able to confirm that steps to make the Old Windmill safe are in train, and that two recent clean-ups of glass in the Mill Field are being followed up by additional visits by the councils cleansing department. The Environmental Enforcement manager was able to assure us that regular night-time patrols in conjunction with the PSNI against rough drinking in the park are in place and will continue over the next few months. Additionally the playground is in the process of being repaired and fencing around the Mill Field made good. I was impressed with the Council staff’s ability to coordinate across different departments”.

Martin Rice said “We were able to discuss street lighting around Kennedy Park and the Mill Field and rules surrounding ccTV cameras at the new Naoiscoil. The idea of a ramp on School Road and adjustments to make the car park in Mill Field safer were raised. It is important that we use the opportunity that will arise from the building of our new Naoiscoil to improve the human environment of local residents, children and their parents and the large number of people who use Mill Field for sport and recreation.”

“The joint patrols of environmental enforcement officers and the PSNI later on at night is crucial and can enable us to stamp out rough drinking by a small group of youngsters in this area. Officers have the power to detain youngsters with drink until their parents arrive and it is possible that further action, up to and including legally enforceable bans from Mill Field if necessary for repeat offenders. I am hoping that after a few months of focus on the area we will create an outcome that could produce a better local environment for everyone and that the welcome addition of the new playschool will give the lift being sought by local people to the whole area,” concluded Cadogan Enright

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