As part of their election coverage this week the Mourne Observer asked the Green Party – “Apart from Job Creation, what issue should be at the top of the new South Down MP’s list of priorities?”

Cllr Cadogan Enright, the Green Party Candidate for South Down, replied, “A Robin Hood Tax – Introducing a ‘Robin Hood Tax’ on the banks, which could raise billions and be targeted towards tackling social, health, poverty and climate change issues, here and abroad. By taking an average as small as 0.05% from speculative banking transactions, billions could be raised every year.”

A great many charities, trade unions and environmental groups have already voiced their support for a Robin Hood Taxation, including Action Aid, Association of Teachers and Lecturers, Barnardo’s, BECTU, Christian Aid, Friends of the Earth, National Union of Teachers, Oxfam GB, RSPB, Trades Union Congress & Unison.

For more information about the Robin Hood Tax follow this link –

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Apart from job creation, what issue should be top of the new South Down MP’s list of priorities? – Cllr Enright responds

By Cadogan