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The NI Environment Agency set the figure of dead fish at 3615. The Green Party has walked the length of the river and the number of dead fish along the river bank is atleast three times this number, and that isnt counting the amount of fish washed out to sea.

One Week Later and we see Swans Dying

The photograph shows a dead swan covered in oil which was found washed up along the Quoile River. Five other swans have been killed all of which have been reported by the Green Party.


Councillor Enright at the rear of a house in Linnhurst Park overlooking the Mill Dam.

Local residents of the Linnhurst Park in Drumaness have brought to the attention of the Green Party the deterioration of the Mill Dam which recently contributed to the flooding of resident’s gardens next to the Dam.

For the past few years the Mill Dam has slowly deteriorated and green foliage has taken over half the dam. During the heavy rainfall in August 2008 the Dam could not cope with the pressure of water and a crack appeared in the wall. This led to flooding of the gardens adjacent to the Mill Dam in the Linnhurst Park.

Cadogan has called on the Rivers Agency and Down District Council to consider the risks of flooding to residents of the Lyndhurst Estate who have had to put sandbags at the rear of their houses as a result of the flooding and constant threat of flooding from the Mill Dam.

DOWN Cllr Cadogan Enright said, “It is completely unacceptable that local residents have to live with the constant threat of flooding. Having visited the site and the home of local residents my main concern is that the next time we have heavy rain homes could also be at risk. I was shocked at the slow pace of reaction forthcoming from the relevant authorities.”

“I expressed my concerns to the Down District Council and Rivers Agency calling on them to act last year and am doing so again. Pat Ward recently collected signatures for a petition from local residents adjacent to the Mill Dam to support the call for the construction of a safer barrier to prevent flooding from happening. This has been forwarded to the Down District Council and Rivers Agency as well.

We have also notified the Housing Executive about this problem due to their property also being at risk. The Housing Executive has since written to the Down District Council supporting the need for a resolution to the flooding problems and deterioration of the Dam. The Housing Executive has also received no reply on this matter.

Press Cuttings: Flooding risk from mill dam, Concern at condition of Drumaness Dam


This footage was taken on Friday 29th August 2008 and on Saturday 30th August 2008. The footage shows thousands of fish being washed out past the barriers as they are dying or are too weak to swim against the current.

Later on in the footage you see the devastation caused by the pollution to the fish stocks.

To see more footage please go to the following link where you will find photos and the unedited footage.

Dead birds discovered along river side

There are growing fears that birds are also suffering the effects of the pollution. Some dead birds have been discovered along the river side. There are fears that they could be dying as a result of eating the dead fish and from exposure to the polluted waters.

The result of pollution

Fish of all species and sizes cannot escape the extent of the pollution.

All types of species dead

The Quoile River had been in its best state in years with fish population returning. This population has now been descimated. In the photograph you can even see an eel which are a rare thing to see in the Quoile.

Oil spill into river Quoile at old barrier 4

Photograph shows evidence of an Oil Spillage which disproves the suggestion that this was natural as claimed by the NI Environment Agency. The Green Party have collected samples from the river which the oil covered. This photo was taken on the bank of the river in which the grass and reeds were covered in oil.

Lecale Conservationist shows the extent of the damage

John Peacocke of the Lecale Conservation Group shows us the extent of the damage done to the recovering fish stocks in the Quoile River.

Oil spill into river Quoile at old barrier 3

Photograph shows Cllr Enright near the old Quoile Barrier. In the photo you can see clearly the oil on the surface of the water.