More Buses for Raholp and Saul
More Buses for Raholp and Saul

Councilor Cadogan Enright has succeeded in persuading Translink to significantly increase services to Saul and Raholp following the expiry of the current summer schedule.

Cllr Enright said, “Last year local people in Raholp and Saul contacted me about how silly they felt it was that so many Translink buses by-passed the two villages along the main road to Strangford.


Following meetings with local Translink management in January, I arranged to travel with them on the routes, timing different variations. We did this last month, driving the different route options between Downpatrick and Strangford.


Currently only 5 of these services are routed through Raholp and Saul. The other six services by-pass the villages and head down along the main Downpatrick / Strangford Road. Both sets of buses are also timed to meet the Ferry in Strangford, and this has to be taken into account also.


Following our examination of available routes, Translink conducted a detailed survey of the Strangford – Downpatrick route to see how many of the 11 buses per day can be routed through the two villages. Services have been routed along the main Road to accommodate children in getting to school in Strangford, but there are currently no children using this service along that stretch of road. Some services may have to be retained in case this changes in September.

The results of Translink’s survey are now in, and it has been confirmed to me that this will result in several more buses per day routed though Raholp and Saul from late September when we will be able to assess the school transport situation. This is a great result from 9 months of effort on this issue.”

I have met with local residents to brief them on this development and they were delighted. We have one outstanding issue with Translnk, namely the location of the Bannaghan Road bus stop which was moved by Roads Service well away from Bannagahn Road. Translink management are currently looking into this issue.”.,Concluded Cll Enright