Councillor Cadogan Enright has welcomed progress in the campaign to end regular flooding on Fisherman’s row in Killough. The Village end of Fisherman’s Row has no shores to carry away water from the front of resident’s houses and this, combined with no pavements outside the houses causes problems following heavy rain or higher tides.

Cllr Enright said “Even ignoring the effect of tides, when it rains the camber of the road accumulates water at the front doors of the houses on Fisherman’s Row. Thus passing traffic sprays water over the front of the houses, with particularly unfortunate results if residents just happen to be opening their front doors at that particular moment.”

“I have met with the new Roads Service engineer on-site and it was clear that as a minimum new shores are needed to be opened at the village end of Fisherman’s Row. It was obvious that pooling water would not find its way from in front of peoples houses given the gradients involved” Said Cllr Enright.

Local Resident Brendan Walsh pointed out that “When the Seaview Estate was built the Roads Service and planning service declined local advice to provide Seaview and Westpoint their own access road into Killough Proper, thus residents from these estates must also drive past Fisherman’s Row making the problem worse for everyone as Fisherman’s Row was turned into a busy road even though there is only room for one car to pass at a time.”

Cadogan Enright agreed with Brendan, and said “That was a clear failure in the planning system. Seaview residents should have had their own road. As it is we have had to campaign for years to get enforcement action to get the new footpath up to Seaview so that residents in Seaview can at least have a safe pathway to walk into Killough Village. Roads Service also promised to widen Fishermans Row and improve the Sea Wall and this was given as the reason why no access to Killough Village was needed from Seaview. Of course, the widening and upgrading of the Seawall never happened”.

“Local residents and I should not have had to have spent the last 3 years campaigning on all these issues if the planning service and Roads Service had been doing their jobs properly. We are hopeful that the new Roads Service engineer will ensure that promised improvements to tackle flooding are delivered,” Concluded Cllr Cadogan Enright