nov 6 2013 ballyhornan a sewage by CadoganEnright
Cllr Cadogan Enright has responded to protests by Ballyhornan residents over the low quality of their new sewage plant by making a series of FoI requests.

These clearly show that the Gold Coast in North Down has top class sewage treatment as NIEA classifies it beaches as ‘bathing waters’ BUT NIEA did not classify any of Lecales beaches as ‘bathing waters’ so NI Water is not legally obliged to deliver the same level of treatment – so Ballyhornan only gets ‘sieving’ before discharge to the beach.

Cllr Enright has taken this up as a campaign, and is putting a motion to council to ensure that our local beaches are identified as ‘bathing waters’ under EU the EU Directive to BOTH promote Tourism and to force NI Water to clean up our beaches in Lecale

nov 6 2013 ballyhornan b sewage by CadoganEnright