Playpark at Westlands, Crossgar, originally uploaded by Cadogan Enright.

Down Cllr Cadogan Enright has called for seats to be installed at the childrens playpark in the Westlands estate Crossgar so that adults will have somewhere to sit when supervising their children.

The Councillor said, “I have been told by parents and grandparents in the area that there is nowhere for them to sit when they bring their children to play on the swings and they asked me to raise this matter at Council.”

“I visited the play-park recently and I was disappointed to see that there is indeed a lack of seating in the park. This causes difficulties for older people or those who have difficulty walking or standing for long periods of time. I will raise this at Council and have the seats installed” he said.

“Another thing which struck me was the broken glass in the area. This is frightening given the fact that the park is there for the enjoyment of children. Those who use this area to drink and smash glass bottles must stop. If anyone notices such activities taking place I would urge them to contact the police at Crossgar 08456008000.”

“I will be asking for the park to be cleaned and maintained so that it can be used safely”, he added.

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