Green Party Cllr. Cadogan Enright has said that more needs to to be done to reduce our carbon footprint, after Down District was found to be the worst offender in a league of the UK’s biggest energy wasters.

Down District has the ‘biggest carbon footprint’ out of over 400 Council areas in the UK, according to The Green Barometer report published by the Energy Savings Trust. For the first time, people living in local authority areas have been ranked by their household and car emmissions.

Cllr Enright reacted to the report by challenging the First and Deputy First Minister to attend the global climate talks in Bali.

“It is particularly worrying that Down District has the largest carbon footprint in the UK. It is time for a more environmentally sound approach to public transport and housing in order to tackle the problems of emmissions, while the local economy needs to be stimulated to reduce the amount of people communting large distances to work,” said Mr Enright.

“It is obvious that climate change is a real threat to the world, and that we in Down District are seriously adding to this problem, but we should approach this problem with innovation and environmental sensibility,” he added.  

By Cadogan