Killard Butterflies

1. Here is a link to the map of the walk at Killard Nature Reserve that you can print on an A4 page . It shows the list of the 1o sections.   MAP OF KILLARD (I can give you one covered in plastic with pictures of the butterflies on the other side for £1)

2. Use this link to get a simple ID colour A4 ID chart that you can put in a plastic folder  in English ID English and Gaelic ID Gaelic and which butterflies fly in each month of the year Monthly Flying

3. Here is the counting sheet that you will need to record your sightings; Recording sheet

4. Basic 1/2 page guide in large letters on HOW to count butterflies How-To-Do


4. To record your data go to / and login (top right of screen)

This is a link full set of instructions you can print  detailed step by step for data entry

5. BUT you can just go to menu option ‘My Walks’ you can select the day and week for your data -see
 6 . I have also have copes of the full Irish butterfly guide here for you to buy for £5.00 giving details of habitats, food plants and expected date ranges
7. Health and Safety instructions health and safety
8. Here is a link to a full list of resources if you want to get deeper into the subject; Full Resources
Hope the above works for you
Cllr Cadogan Enright