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cadogan enright addressing a mass meeting of renewable energy businesses at the St Patricks Centre in Downpatrick

cadogan enright addressing a mass meeting of renewable energy businesses at the St Patricks Centre in Downpatrick

Councilor Cadogan Enright has welcomed as “long overdue” this week’s announcement by the Department of the Environment that schools, businesses and farm buildings will no longer need planning permission for solar panels. The improvements will come into operation on 30 April 2013 and follow on from permitted development rights previously introduced for the installation of domestic solar panels on homes.

Cllr Enright said, “Environmentalists, businesspeople and farmers concerned with the future of Northern Irelands economy have been campaigning on this for years. I have entries on my campaigning website website going back to 2007 looking for these changes, see .www.enright.ie/policies/renewables. These changes are long overdue and the local economy has been damaged by bad policy making, civil service incompetence and Ministerial ignorance in this area for years past.”

The changes affect microgeneration equipment like photovoltaic panels which generate electricity or solar panels that generate heat from sunlight. Business and other non-domestic properties such as schools can install micro-generation equipment up to 50kw output, including solar panels, biomass boiler housing and fuel stores and ground and water source heat pumps.

Cllr Enright centre, organising a mass canvass by mostly Co Down Renewable Energy Busiinessmen in 2008 at Stormont

Cllr Enright centre, organising a mass canvass by mostly Co Down Renewable Energy Busiinessmen in 2008 at Stormont

“No longer needing planning permission will make it easier for businesses and other non-domestic properties to install renewable energy technologies. I am currently involved in supporting several local constituency projects of this kind. The biggest is a proposal for a 40kw installation at the Ballyhornan Family Centre, which if successful will make more than 20 years of financial contribution to the Ballyhornan community.” Continued Cllr Cadogan Enright

“It is frustrating to think that all these years have been wasted by successive Environment Ministers, some of whom have even denied the existence of climate change and shut down incentives in N.I. that were available in other parts of the UK. More than one pound in every 20 is spent on energy in Down. They have delayed the day when the people of Down District could keep our money in the local economy, rather than sending it to Russia, Nigeria, unsavory regimes in the Middle East of to Westminster in taxes.” Concluded Cllr Enright

Free Electricity flows from Photo Voltaic Meeting in Ballyhornan

Councilor Cadogan Enright organized a public meeting in the Ballyhornan Family Centre last week, attended by a range of community organisations and individuals on the economic benefits to be gained from having photovoltaic cells on your roof.

14th April 2013 Green Energy free for Ballyhornan

Cllr Enright said “my initial motivation in organizing this meeting is to ensure an on-going source of income for the Ballyhornan Family Centre. It is clear from the presentation that the Family Centre could rent out its roof in exchange for free electricity, or even provide itself with a significant income if we could find the cash to install our own PV system based on the new incentives. I am following up on this with Noel and Patricia Curran who manage the Centre.”

Robert McNeil of Amber Green Energy who made the main presentation said “there are opportunities for the Family Centre, Local famers and home owners arising from these new incentives. We will be following up interest expressed at the meeting by different groups and individuals.”

Ballyhornan Task Force committee member John McGreevey said “This appears to be a fantastic way to help secure the financial viability of the Family Centre going forward”.

Down District Farmers For Renewable Energy (DDFFRE) sponsored the meeting and had members also in attendance. This UFU-backed organization seeks to assist local farmers in diversifying into renewable energy. Spokesperson Michael Trainor said “It was clear from the figures presented at the meeting that the latest PV schemes offer a viable alternative to farmers who are unable to secure planning for a wind-turbine, with the top rate incentive of 4 ROCs applicable. Energy can also be used on the farm or exported to the grid. You can even graze sheep under them if you want them on the ground rather than on a roof. The route to planning appears a lot less complicated than with a wind turbine”.

Cllr Enright said, “PV also works for private homes and working families, this is better than money saved in a bank, ISA or even a pension. In the bank or building society you might get a 3% return per annum if you were lucky. A return of 14% or more per annum is realistic if you have a South-facing roof.”

“The population of this area collectively spend millions of pounds a year on imported oil, gas and electricity, paying big duty taxes to Westminster. Renewable energy keeps this money in the local community.” Concluded Cllr Enright

Jan 20th 2013 PV panels

Cllr Cadogan Enright writes to regulator to say that regulation of PV panel installations is unnecessarily complex and adds bureaucratic and technical costs to renewable energy.

A ‘Net Metering’ policy would be far preferable to most consumers, and would be much simpler to administer